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Bowling Tips

By Don Aguilar, II
All Army Bowling Coach

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Person holding a bowling ball at lane
Do you have to practice?
A: Only if you want to become more consistent.

Q: Do you want to get better:
A: Then you have to practice.

Q: Will you evere increase your average?
A: Only if you practice.

Practice is an art. It is what defines the big picture. You are probably asking yourself "What does this mean?"

The big picture equates to having the mental and physical game needed to read, play and adjust to conditions and equipment for the modern times.
  • Pre-Shot Routine
  • Approach Setup
  • Approach Delivery
  • Posting the Shot - Making the Shot
  • Adjustments
Bowlers need to remember bowling is a sport. You will get what you put into it, both mentally and physically. In short, you are either the bowler or the bowler pretending to bowl.

Practice for tomorrow.

The most common mistake the majority of bowlers make is trying to strike on every practice ball. The real key is to practice that which we all lack. Accurate spare shooting!

Phase I (Spares)

Game 1, Any Spare
  • Roll your first shot at any pin other than the pocket shot
  • Roll your second shot to pick up what's left
Game 2, Corner Spares
  • Roll your first shot to pick up the 7 or 10 pin
  • Roll your second shot to pick up remaining pins
Game 3, Low Score Counts
  • Pick off the 10 pin on the first ball
  • Pick off the 7 pin on second ball
The Phase I keys are to train yourself to pick up corners pins and multiple pins. This iwll aide you on those nights when carry seems to be gone or bucket shots are left (multiple pins standing). If you want to add variety, note where you normally stand to perform the above and move around the apporach to practice Phase I.

End Result

Accuracy and spare shooting increases along with your scores!

Phase I is critical in developing you as a bowler and learning fundatmental spare shooting. Alternatively, the 3-6-9 method can be used.

Practice today and bowl tomorrow; you can be a great bowler!

Bowling is fun and should remain so, even in competition.

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