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Although morale is a vital part of supporting Army Families, it is not the only service offered by Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR). The services offered by the programs are designed to help improve the health, wellness and lifestyle of Soldiers and their Family members. A variety of programs are designed to assist military Families with general health, recreational activities and Family support services.

A Focus on Family

Soldiers may be deployed for long periods of time and Families are often separated, increasing the stress of maintaining a balanced Family life. Furthermore, military Families move every few years, which can make it hard for children to keep up in school.

New Parent Support Program


MWR offers support services that help integrate military Families into the local community and assist schools so that the children of military members are not falling behind. The New Parent Support Program is also a helpful service that assists military parents when they are bringing home an infant. The program provides parenting classes and support groups so that new parents can feel confident in their ability to raise children.


Preparing Families to Move Beyond the Military

Employment Readiness support is another method of assisting military Families by providing the tools to find employment outside the military after retiring from active service.

Along with the employment support services, Financial Readiness programs are also available to teach military Families about money management and basic investment strategies so that it is possible to retire without worries.


Working on Health

The health of military members, particularly war veterans, is a concern for the entire Family. Military men and women can return from a war zone with mental and physical scars that take time to heal. Support services are available to help members of the military overcome the challenges to their health so that they are able to move forward into a healthier lifestyle.

Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) program is another service that helps protect members of the military and their Families from disrespect and the emotional trauma associated with sexual harassment or assault.

Although morale and recreation are essential parts of enjoying a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, it is not always enough. Fortunately, programs are available that can help Soldiers enjoy a healthy Family life and take the next steps into a happy life after the military.

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