Winterize Your Vehicle with MWR

Preparing a vehicle for the winter months can seem complicated, especially after a recent move to a different climate. Since Soldiers move on a regular basis for work, it may be necessary to seek assistance to properly winterize a vehicle for the upcoming season. At Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR), automotive services are available to help military Families get ready for the appropriate winter weather conditions.

Automotive Services

Family and MWR Automotive Skills Centers are available to Soldiers and their Families year round, and especially before the winter weather sets in. The Centers have skilled staff on hand to assist you as you look over your vehicle for mechanical concerns, check that the appropriate fluids are in the vehicle and ensure that the tires are appropriate for the winter season.

MWR Employee works on Car with Soldier

Regular vehicle maintenance is an important part of ensuring that the car is road worthy before freezing temperatures can make the roads difficult to navigate. By checking your vehicle, it is possible to feel confident in the vehicle’s condition.

Check the Fluids

Even if a Soldier decides to winterize the vehicle personally, the first consideration is the fluids. Check that the vehicle has enough anti-freeze, anti-lock brake fluid, oil and windshield wiper fluid. When the fluids are low, it is possible that the pipes will freeze during cold weather. If the anti-freeze was changed to water during the summer months, then have the system flushed and put anti-freeze back into the car.

Fill the Tires

Cold temperatures can cause the air in the tires to reduce. When the vehicle does not have enough air in the tires, the traction in cold weather reduces and the vehicle can become stuck in the snow or it might slide on the ice.

The inside of the driver’s side door should provide details about the appropriate tire sizes and the amount of air required for the vehicle. Fill the air to the suggested amount.

Check the Heater

The heater and the defrosting system are essential for a vehicle during winter weather. A defrosting system that does not work can increase the risk of accidents because the windows fog up, so take a few minutes to check that the system is working properly before the cold weather hits.

The winter months can become challenging, especially after a move, but assistance and services are available to help with the process of winterizing a vehicle. By using the Automotive Skills Centers, a Soldier can avoid confusing about the different weather and ensure that a car is ready for the road.

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