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Happy Birthday U.S. Army!

Sam is back and is quite tuckered out. We're going to let him catch some Z's.
Thank you for helping us find him!

Stop by soon for more adventures with Sam!

July 3rd's hint: Sam's friend is changing the oil in his car, and Sam is checking the air in the tires. Did you find Sam? Find out who won a new copy of the Army Birthday Book!

June 26th's hint:
Sam is a very creative pup! Where can he go to learn more about photography, pottery, ceramics, drawing and more? Find out who won a copy of the Birthday Book by figuring out the hint!

June 16th's hint:
Sam loves to sing and dance! He has heard that our Soldiers are traveling around the country putting on a show with music, singing and dancing. Where can he go to find out if the Soldiers will be performing near him? Were you the lucky winner? Find out on our Facebook page.
Sam is sleeping

June 13th's hint:
Sam’s all ears for a special story time with the Army Birthday Book. Where could he go after story time to find more books for the summer reading program? Check out our Facebook page to see if you were the lucky winner!

June 12th's hint: 
Sam is trying to find more information about the programs for kids. Do you know where that is? Find out who the lucky winner was for this hint on our
Facebook page!

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