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Put "Oomph" in Your Party

With Halloween just around the corner, it is time to start preparing for upcoming party ideas. A Family party is not only about the spooky features of the event, but also the children and adults who are planning to attend. It must be kid friendly as well as appropriate for the adults in the Family.

Select Appropriate Decorations

Halloween Cupcakes

Unlike a party that is designed for adults, a Family-friendly event must consider all age groups. Select decorations that are spooky, but stay away from items that are truly scary. Cobwebs, a fake cemetery with funny commentary on the tombstones, caricatures or cute bats are always appropriate.

Focus the decorations on the exterior of the house, particularly the walk and entry way. A set of carved pumpkins in front of the door and lights that feature fun figures can help set the mood before guests enter the house.

Pick Out Fun Events

Before the party, pick out some fun events for guests to enjoy. Events that may be appropriate for all age groups include the best costume, musical chairs set to fun Halloween songs or even face-painting competitions.

A costume competition is best when it separates the costumes into categories. The categories may include the best scary costume, the best kid costume, the best couple costumes or any other category that seems appropriate for the event.

Make Fun Foods

Set up the refreshment table with fun finger foods that are based on the Halloween theme. Fun ideas may include a red punch that is labeled as blood punch, grapes or olives that are made to look like eyes or potato dishes that carve mini-potatoes into fun shapes like sculls or pumpkins.

Although food items with creepy names are always appropriate for the holiday, cupcakes that are decorated with orange frosting or cakes that have a fun Halloween picture is always a good choice.

Put an Old Halloween Movie in the Background

Pick out a Family-friendly Halloween favorite and play it in the background. Guests can gather to watch their favorite scenes and children can enjoy watching Halloween cartoons.

Enjoying a party that is designed around the Family and friends begins with the right mood and events. Picking out fun events and informing guests before they come to the door can help liven up the mood. By working with MWR to get comfortable in a new neighborhood, Soldiers and their Families can throw a Halloween party that is the perfect ice-breaker after moving.

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