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Register for Army MWR Services Online

Army Family and MWR makes it easy to sign up for some of your favorite programs.
Your garrison may participate in our secure online system to register for activities like aerobic and aquatic classes, child, youth and school services, concert and attraction tickets, tours and trip reservations, outdoor recreation rentals and more.
Each branch of service has different ways to sign up for programs online. It’s best to check with your local MWR office for more information about how to register.
Ready to sign up online? Go here to register for your local garrison’s program.
Your SWIPE Counts
Family and MWR Programs also use secure online technologies at many of the Army facilities you use every day. You can support your local MWR with a simple SWIPE of your ID Card.
Many recreation centers, fitness centers and other MWR locations at your garrison participate in the SWIPE program. Look for a kiosk or scanner at the entrance to one of these facilities. By swiping your CAC card (or other form of identification if appropriate), you’re giving us valuable information to support improved access to services, expand program offerings and make facilities better.
Smart- Help determine which programs and services you want.
Worldwide- Ensure quality of life programs and services are available worldwide.
Interactive- We depend on your input to identify where we can make improvements.
Promise- Help MWR fulfill our promise to provide you with quality programs and services.
Enhancements- You have the power to make our services and programs even better.
Contact your local Family and MWR Office to find out which services are available at your garrison. Your SWIPE counts.
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