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Potential information breach may affect non-appropriated Fund retirees

A compact disc containing the names, and in some cases personal information of some recipients of retirement benefits and refunds between 1988 and 2011, has been lost.

The retirees have been notified of the loss in a letter directly to them.  If you are a retiree and received a letter, or if you feel you are part of this group and are concerned, you should be guided by the actions recommended by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at its website www.ftc.gov/idtheft.

The FTC urges that you immediately place an initial fraud alert on your credit file. The fraud alert is for a period of 90 days during which creditors are required to contact you before a new credit card is issued or an existing card is changed.

All media queries should be directed to:

Installation Management Command
Public Affairs Office
Mr. Robert Dozier, 210-466-1002

If you suspect you may be a victim of identity theft, you should consider placing a fraud alert with one of three credit agencies.  They are required to share your alert with the other two.

To place an initial fraud alert, contact a credit reporting agency:

Resource links:

Should anyone want to make a formal inquiry, send in writing to:

Installation Management Command, G-9
Employee Benefits PII Office
P.O. Box 340309
Ft Sam Houston, TX 78234


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