2013 Army Arts and Crafts Contest

Contest Guide
This instruction serves as a guide to the Army Arts and Crafts Contest for MWR patrons and professionals.  The proponent for this contest is the IMCOM G-9, Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Programs, reference AR 215-1, 8-9c.   (An electronic poster will be sent out through IMCOM G-9 Marketing Office to Region and Garrison Marketing Offices.)       

Contest Structure
The Army Arts and Crafts Contest is an annual, juried competition of artwork for novice and accomplished artists.  Army Arts and Crafts managers will host local contests, assist patrons in preparing contest submission photos, and forward photos for regional and Army-wide competition.  Where feasible, Army Regions will host region-wide competitions, and forward winning entries to the Army-wide competition.  Entry submissions to the Region and Department of Army (DA) level will be digital jpg images of the work submitted in a web based program at: https://apps.imcom.army.mil/apptracmain (Note:  All patrons must have an AKO account and password in order to access the site).

Authorized MWR patrons (see Army regulation, AR 215-1, chapter 7) are eligible to enter, with the exception of employees of the Army Arts and Crafts program. 

Classes of Competition
Submission must be entered in Group I or Group II, based on the experience level of the artist:

  • Group I – Novice: Individuals whose art skills have not been gained in formal education leading to college credit or a college degree.
  • Group II – Accomplished: Individuals who have gained skills and knowledge through formal courses leading to credit in college or art schools, or received awards in professional competitions or Army Arts Contests.

Artwork must be entered in one of the following categories:

  • Ceramics (i.e. pottery, cast ceramics, etc.)
  • Digital Art (not photography)
  • Drawings    
  • Fibers and textiles (i.e. quilting, clothing, needlework, etc.)     
  • Glass (i.e. blown glass, stained glass, sculpture, etc.) 
  • Metals/Jewelry (i.e. jewelry, metal castings, sculpture, etc.)     
  • Mixed media (i.e. mosaic, collage, altered books, etc.)
  • Wood (i.e. furniture, carving, marquetry, etc.) 
  • 2-Dimensional arts (i.e. paintings, prints, drawings, etc.)

Submission of Entries
Each eligible patron may submit as many as three (3) works per category to the contest at the Garrison level.  The judges will not accept entries beyond this limit.  All submissions must be the original work of the entrant, completed within 12 months from the start of the current contest year (1 July 2012 - 30 June 2013).  Work entered in previous contest years may not be resubmitted to subsequent Army Arts and Crafts contests.  Entries done as official duty, illustrations, training aids, or similar assignments are not eligible.  All participants must have an AKO email account to access the web based program and verify eligibility to participate.

Entry Form
The online profile at https://apps.imcom.army.mil/apptracmain must be used for all entries and will be open for submissions from 1 May - 30 Jun 2013.  Participants will select their Garrison from the drop down menu. Garrison Arts and Crafts directors or Garrison Recreation POC’s will assist participants as needed to complete the on-line entry.  Required information includes:  dimensions of the art work, media used, paragraph describing how the entry was made for 3-Dimensional entries, info about the work which would indicate complexity of work (i.e. number of beads, number of stitches in cross stitch, type glaze, etc.) and additional information of interest about the entry and/or individual.  For example:  “Size of necklace is 17 inches. Length of necklace i7 inches, width is 7.5 inches.  24 K gold plated Japanese beads, different kinds of Swarovski crystals, pearls, manmade opal blue, vermeil magnetic clasp that made with sterling silver heavily electroplated with 18Kt gold. Thousands of hand stitches, bead by bead embroidery. The work took almost 3 months to complete.”

Garrison Level Contests:  Garrisons are encouraged to accept the original artwork for local level competitions and conduct their judging using the original artwork.  Artwork which is selected for advancement to regional or Army-wide competitions will be submitted as jpg digital image files using the web based program.  Arts and Crafts personnel will lend technical expertise in helping patrons make digital images of their artwork and assist with the completion of their profile in the web based program. Deployed Soldiers, Guard and Reserve Soldiers, and participants who are stationed at remote locations where it is not practicable to bring original art work to an Arts and Crafts or Recreation Facility may enter digital images of their entries directly to the website.  Arts and Crafts directors must enforce all contest rules. Entries that do not conform to guidance in this regulation will be disqualified.

Entries to Higher Level Competition
Garrison Arts and Crafts directors and contest POCs will advance entries to higher level competition using the web based program https://apps.imcom.army.mil/apptracmain. On the menu bar choose “Arts and Crafts Director” and “Select Photos to Advance”.  Then click on the “advance “button under the digital image of the entry.  The web based program will generate a master list of entrants for the Garrison. Submissions from all Garrisons are limited to FIVE works per category (in each Group). Contestants may submit up to three images of each piece of 3-Dimensional work (usually required to show front, back and side or detail).  For two dimensional art works, one image is sufficient and should be a straight-on view.   Photograph paintings in natural light with no glare.  Images should show the art or craft work against a neutral background with no extraneous material.  Please do not leave prize ribbons from local contests attached to the work when photographing.  Turn off camera’s date feature before photographing work.  All images submitted should be sharp and in focus to include detail close ups.  Images must be high-resolution digital image files in JPG format (4x6 size for printing at 300dpi up to 11”x 14”).  The Garrison Master list will be generated by the web based program.  

A minimum of three qualified experts will be selected for all levels of judging.  Jurors should be professionally involved in the arts as critics, curators, editors, educators, practitioners, or the like.  Only official contest judges may select winning entries. Juror’s decisions on all entries are final.  No judge will serve on the jury for more than one level of contest judging during the course of the contest.

Awards will be conferred as first, second and third place, and up to two Honorable Mentions for each category and group of the contest.  Judges are not required to award all prizes in all categories of competition.   

  • 1st Place - $300
  • 2nd Place - $200
  • 3rd Place - $100

Garrison contest coordinators must set local contest deadlines to comply with due dates to higher levels of the competition.  Region contest proponents should establish dates and plans for intermediate contest events.  Participant contest entry images must be uploaded in the web based program by 30 June.  Garrison and Region Arts and Crafts Contest coordinators will finalize local contests and advance selected entries to the DA level of the contest (1 July-12 July – Garrison Submission; 13-26 July – Region Submission).  Judging of the Army-level contest will take place in August, and results will be made public in mid August.  Images of winning work will be posted on the contest website in an on-line gallery late August. 


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