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SGT Keith L. Beverly   SSG Lynnette Yvonne Collier   SPC Darwin T. Crooks        
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SGT Keith L. Beverly   SSG Lynnette Yvonne Collier   SPC Darwin T. Crooks        
SPC Patrick J.T. Daly   PFC Melinda Douglas   SPC Tierra D. Ducote        
SPC Patrick J.T. Daly   PFC Melinda Douglas   SPC Tierra D. Ducote        
SPC Lauren T. Felton   SGT Amy E. Hargis   SPC Jeffery A. Johnson        
SPC Lauren T. Felton   SGT Amy E. Hargis   SPC Jeffery A. Johnson        
SPC Abighail Mary   SGT Tyrell L. Mays   PFC Bryan McNeill          
SPC Abighail Mary   SGT Tyrell L. Mays   PFC Bryan McNeill          
PFC Kiari Mhoon   SPC Aurielle Polynice   SSG Duane Reno          
PFC Kiari Mhoon   SPC Aurielle Polynice   SSG Duane Reno          
SPC Copey M. Rice   SPC Christopher Roman   SSG Harrison D. Scurry          
SPC Copey M. Rice   SPC Christopher Roman   SSG Harrison D. Scurry          
SPC Amanda Spear   SPC Enjolee Williams              
SPC Amanda Spear   SPC Enjolee Williams            

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