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2015 Soldier Show Cast and Crew

SPC Elise Baldwin   1LT Derrick Bishop   1LT William Bland  
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SPC Elise Baldwin   1LT Derrick Bishop   1LT William Bland  
SPC Dozje Brown   SPC Tony Brown   SPC Dominique Carter  
SPC Dozje Brown   SPC Tony Brown   SPC Dominique Carter  
SPC Brandel Diggs   SGT Kaara Dunkley   SGT Janelle Edwards  
SPC Brandel Diggs   SGT Kaara Dunkley   SGT Janelle Edwards  
SGT Andrew Enriquez   PFC Guy Gahungu   SPC Tierra Kirts  
SGT Andrew Enriquez   PFC Guy Gahungu   SPC Tierra Kirts  
SGT Magana   PFC Jovan Maires   SPC Phillip Morris  
SGT Jose Magana   PFC Jovan Maires   SPC Phillip Morris  
PFC Eric Pendleton   SGT Neasha Powell   SSG Michael Rice  
PFC Eric Pendleton   SGT Neasha Powell   SSG Michael Rice  
SGT Darius Riggins   SGT Julando Samson   SPC Princess Threatt  
SGT Darius Riggins   SGT Julando Samson   SPC Princess Threatt  
PFC Brianna Walker   SPC Austin West
  PFC Damone Woods  
PFC Brianna Walker    SPC Austin West    PFC Damone Woods  
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