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Strong B.A.N.D.S. Resources to Help with Your Performance Goals

What's the Performance Triad?
The Performance Triad (P3) has something for everyone, especially if you want to feel better, look better, and have more energy!  The performance targets are easy to understand and help you focus on making small changes that create a big impact.  Performance Triad supports Total Army readiness and resilience through health strategies that optimize your sleep, physical activity, and nutrition!  Check out
www.performancetriad.mil today!
  Build Esprit-de-Corps and Challenge Yourself
Unit challenges are highly motivating and build esprit-de-corps. They can also push you to dig deep and achieve what seems difficult. They can help train you to find the mental, emotional and physical reserve when you are in harms way. We've created the Performance Triad Warrior Challenges to help you achieve your individual or unit goals. Click the brochure image to the left to get started.

Healthy Recipes
Looking for some easy, healthy recipes that also taste great?  Try ONE or ALL of these tasty meals this May to help you stay on track with your performance ~ courtesy of our very own Installation Management Command, Family and MWR Executive Chef.




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