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Summertime is a great time to get more active. The summer weather makes maintaining health and fitness easier and more fun. CYSS (Child, Youth & School Services), Healthy Base Initiative and Family and MWR offer a number of programs and services to help promote a healthy, active lifestyle year round. The NFL Punt, Pass & Kick program, the Healthy Base Initiative, Feet First Water Safety, Get Fit Be Strong or just general outdoor recreation are a great way to stay fit this summer. Here is an overview of some of the great options highlighted by ArmyMWR.com:

NFL Punt, Pass & Kick

This is a free event and is also the oldest grassroots initiative offered by the NFL. It offers sports-minded kids a fun and exciting opportunity to learn football fundamentals in an authentic setting. A fun experience for the whole family. Kids 6 to 15 years old can participate. www.armymwr.com/ppk

Feet First Water Safety

Fitness, Sports and Aquatics programs are now on more than 25 installations across the nation and Korea and Japan garrisons. They are hosting at least two water-safety events each this summer. From an aquatics passport to "the world's largest swim lesson," communities now have an excellent chance to learn about water safety through this program. www.army.mil/article/106354

Get Fit Be Strong

The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition and CYSS have joined forces to help military kids to become more aware of the benefits of physical activity and healthy habits while living healthier, more active lifestyles. CYSS is committed to participating in the Active Lifestyle Award Program. School age and Youth Programs all around the Army have a common goal of growing into consistent Active Lifestyle Model Programs, and this program will help. http://www.armymwr.com/family/childandyouth/gfbs.aspx

Outdoor Recreation

If you can't fit any of the organized activities through Army MWR into your schedule, try and get outdoors anyway. Go swimming, play tennis, volleyball, or whatever sport you and your kids enjoy most. Even playing frisbee in the yard or at a local park on a sunny day can be great fun. Remember to check out your local Outdoor Recreation Office to see what rentals and programs they offer.

Whether you try out the NFL Punt, Pass & Kick program, the Healthy Base Initiative, Feet First Water Safety, Get Fit Be Strong or just general outdoor recreation, there are lots of ways to stay fit while having fun this summer. Family and MWR offers programs to make life better for active duty army, their families and retirees. Army MWR caters to military families, striving to provide them with the same quality of life afforded to the society being protected.

Visit our website at ArmyMWR.com for more information about these and other great programs -- and enjoy the summer to the fullest!

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