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Valentine's Day

Surviving a Valentine's Day Deployment
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When you have to be apart for Valentine's day, make a point to connect with each other in whatever ways you can, which depend on where the deployed Soldier is and how much access there is to technology to help you connect. Here are just a few ideas of fun ways to show your love to one another during a Valentine's Day deployment.

1. Send a care package with little things from home that your loved one is probably missing about you. Treats like baked goods and Valentine's Day candy can provide a taste of home in the midst of an unfamiliar place. If you want to send a gift that will last a little bit longer, fill a container with little slips of paper on which you've written things you love about the person. These all make great Valentine's for deployed soldiers, and even kids can chip in and help if the Soldier is a parent.  

2. Set up a time to talk together on the phone or a video chat like on Skype. Although this is a luxury that may not be available to everyone, and you may not be able to set it up specifically on Valentine's Day, getting to do this sometime around the holiday can provide a needed boost during the holiday season. Talk about your memories of when you have gotten to spend Valentine's Day together, or even reminisce about your first date.

3. Take part in a classic way to send Valentine's for deployed Soldiers and write an old-fashioned love letter. Choose the best stationery you can find, think about what it is you really love about the person, and write a good, mushy, heartfelt letter. As a finishing touch, spritz on a bit of your favorite scent so it will even smell like you. This gift will definitely be treasured.

Being away from your loved one is definitely not one of the most enjoyable parts of being an army couple, but it's even harder when your loved one is deployed during special occasions like Valentine's Day. Here at Army MWR, we want to do everything you can to maintain family ties during a Valentine's Day deployment. In addition to connecting with your deployed Soldier, don't forget to check out activities in your area so you can spend the holiday with others who are in the same boat, too.