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Volunteer Appreciation Week – Volunteer Showcase

April 6-12, 2014

National Volunteer Appreciation Week is a time to celebrate people’s extraordinary accomplishments through service. It is also a time when the Army recognizes thousands of volunteers for their untiring volunteer support to Army communities.  This year’s theme “Army Volunteers: Changing Lives and Communities,” highlights the outstanding contributions that Army volunteers make to help ensure our Soldiers and Families stay resilient.

Volunteer Appreciation Week is headed by the Army Volunteer Corps whose mission is to promote and strengthen volunteerism. The program connects volunteers across organizations and Army components. Volunteers support Army garrisons in a variety of jobs to include coaches, office assistants, Family Readiness Group leaders, program assistants and more.

Army Volunteers have dedicated over 190,000 hours in the past year to our Soldiers and Families. This week we highlight some of our stellar volunteers and the many programs where volunteer opportunities are available. Family and MWR encourages you to get involved in your community and become an Army Volunteer! To learn more about Army volunteer opportunities near you, visit your local Army Community Service Center. Contact your installation to explore local volunteer opportunities. 

Amanda - Army Family Team Building (AFTB) 
Presidio of Monterey
  CJ - Thrift Shop
Joint Base Myers-Henderson Hall
  Michelle - Fort Eustis Girl Scout Troop
Fort Eustis
Amanda   CJ   Michelle
"If what you’re doing can make a difference for just one person, then it’s worth doing.”


"I like to say, I have the family I was born into, the one I married into, and the Army family that I joined. God has blessed me with time, resources, and opportunities to be able to give to others. Having served in the military for 20 years I enjoy being able to help my Army family and our military community."


"It’s very rewarding to help Families with resources, activities, and a sense of community."

Mara - Survivor Outreach Services (SOS), Gold Star Spouse
Joint Base Lewis-McChord
  Deborah - Family Readiness Group (FRG)
Fort Rucker
  Rashaan - Boys and Girls of America (Youth Volunteer)
Fort Knox
Mara   Deborah   Rashaan
"My experiences at JBLM have given me a purpose to educate and be educated.It has been a great experience!"   “I don't have money to donate, but I do have my time and that is how I can make a difference, by giving freely of my time.”    “Giving back to the Center is the least I could do to help those who helped me.”
SPC Valenzuela - USO/ Big Brothers, BIG Sisters Clarksville
Fort Campbell
  Natasha - Family and MWR Library (Story Time)
USAG Humphreys
  Deborah - American Red Cross 
Fort Lee
SPC Valenzuela   Natasha   Deborah
"I wanted to give back to my local community. The best way I could do that was to start volunteering."

  "I volunteer because I like to be a part of something bigger than myself."

  “I had the privilege of serving my country, but once I fulfilled my commitment I
still had the desire to serve. Volunteering has given me the opportunity to showcase what I can bring to an organization, plus meet so many wonderful people who constantly inspire me to do what I love to do.” 
Annie - Family and MWR Marketing
USAG Humphreys
  Jamie - CYSS Parent Advisory Board
Fort Campbell
  Melissa - Spouses Club
Joint Base Lewis-McChord
Annie   Jamie   Melissa
"Coming from a corporate background, I was thrilled to find out that I would be able to use my skills, do what I love and love what I do, while I was getting to know a new country with my family. Being able to volunteer for the Army and have the opportunity to share my writing has truly made me feel like a valued member of our community.”   “It is so easy to get caught up in the regular routine of the work week; volunteering at my son’s daycare center is my way of stepping back and investing more into that part of his life.  I enjoy being able to interact with and getting to know the caregivers in his room and staff of the center. Volunteering is highly fulfilling in that aspect.”    “Volunteering has kept me involved in many aspects of military life. The military has been amazing to our Family so this is my opportunity to give back.”

Franklin - Outdoor Recreation
Joint Base Langley-Eustis
  Alice - Financial Readiness
Fort Bliss
  Beverly - Mobilization and Deployment
Fort Bliss
Franklin   Alice   Beverly
"Helping our service members enjoy the outdoors has been a very rewarding experience for me. Seeing their smiling faces, listening to their life stories and being able to give back a little to those heroes are the things I will treasure for the rest of my life".   “I volunteer because it’s important
to give back.”

  Beverly has stated that volunteering at the SRRC site has given her "improved health, an improved attitude" on life, and allowed her to "regain her strength."



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