Arts & Crafts Contest

Ceramics: Artwork clay, pottery, or similar materials, often covered in decorative stains,
glazes, etc.

Digital Art: Artistic work that uses digital technology as an essential part of the
creative/presentation process (Digitally altered photographs should be entered in
the Army Digital Photo Contest held in October/November.)

Drawings: Artwork using drawing instruments such as graphite pencil, charcoal, colored
pencil, silverpoint, or other dry medium on a piece of paper

Fiber/Textile: Any craft using fabric, yarn or other textile components as the main focus

Glass Art: Artwork using non-crystalline solid material which may include vases,
sculpture, glass tile mosaics, ornaments, stained glass, fused glass, etc.

Metals and Jewelry: Artwork predominantly created with metals to form sculptures,
figurines, kinetic works, metal jewelry, etc.

Mixed Media: Artwork utilizing more than one medium and combines various
traditionally distinct art medias (i.e., work on canvas that combines paint, ink, and

Paintings: Artistic work which uses the application of paint, pigment, color or other
medium (i.e., acrylic, oil, ink, gouache, fresco) to a surface using brushes, knives,
sponges, airbrush, etc.

Wood: Artwork sculpted, crafted, constructed, or decorated with wood to create
furniture, carvings, marquetry, musical instruments, toys, etc.

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