Arts & Crafts Contest

1st Place Winners

"Cross Knot"

By: Veronica Smith

Novice, 2D Mixed Media

"For The Bibliophile"

By: Danikka Garber

Novice, 3D Mixed Media

"Day Dreaming"

By: Elise Anna Waddell

Novice, Ceramics

“Time and Space”

By: SPC Eric Deavila

Novice, Digital Art

“Puppet in the Shadow”

By: Sunyoung Newbold

Novice, Drawing

“Whimsical Bouquet”

By: Ally Pleuss

Novice, Fiber Art


By: Sharon Miller

Novice, Glass Art

“Bronze Dogwood”

By:Sara Matherly

Novice, Metal Art

“Peggy a Peahen in a Red Hat”

By: Rider Leslie

Novice, Paintings

“Live Edge Walnut Side Table”

By: Sunyoung Newbold

Novice, Wood Art

“Studio Still Life”

By: 1SG Amy Brown

Accomplished, Mixed Media 2D

“Faberge Egg”

By: Merry Thaden

Accomplished, Mixed Media 3D


By: Heather Miller

Accomplished, Ceramic Art

“Ahmad Low Poly”

By: Mecca Givens

Accomplished, Digital Art

“Selfless Soldier”

By: Emily Brainard

Accomplished, Drawing

“Persian Tiles”

By: Jessica Terrazas

Accomplished, Fiber Art

“Aurora Borealis”

By: Guzialia Reed

Accomplished, Glass Art

“Summer in Alaska”

By: Guzialia Reed

Accomplished, Medal Art

“King Fisher Bird”

By: Carman McCann

Accomplished, Paintings

“Four Chairs”

By: Henry Utoaluga

Accomplished, Wood Art