Arts & Crafts Contest

2018 Arts & Crafts Contest,
2nd Place Winners


By: Maks Levin

Novice, Mixed Media 2D

“For the Bride”

By: Danikka Garber

Novice, Mixed Media 3D

“Triangle Party Necklace”

By: Aber Howell

Novice, Ceramic Art

“The Fountain at Forsyth Park”

By: SFC Karl Kirven

Novice, Digital Art

“Hissy Fit”

By: Alexander Gutierrez

Novice, Drawings

“Niyah’s Rainbow”

By: Rachel Williams

Novice, Fiber Art

“Tribute (Eagle & Flag)”

By: Sharon Miller

Novice, Glass Art

“Rose from Wood”

By: SPC Carson Cole

Novice, Medal Art


By: Kolton Sanders

Novice, Paintings

“Walnut Herringbone Dining Table”

By: Maj Jim Pleuss

Novice, Wood

“US at Mayfair”

By: Mecca Givens

Accomplished, Mixed Media 2D

“Q-Tip Church Shirt”

By: Mecca Givens

Accomplished, Mixed Media 3D


By: Amanda Ostrander

Accomplished, Ceramic Art

“Electric Tiger”

By: Brittany Bamlet

Accomplished, Digital Art

“Bop Shop Welders”

By: MSG Stephen Opet

Accomplished, Drawings

“Hoop Sunset”

By: Carman McCann

Accomplished, Fiber Art


By: CW4 Lisa Stansbury

 Accomplished, Glass Art


By: Merry Thaden

Accomplished, Medal Art

“Fountain of Youth”

By: Brittany Verberkmoes

Accomplished, Paintings

“Tribal Fest”

By: SSG Henry Utoaluga

 Accomplished, Wood Art