Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program

Ensuring lifelong success for our Soldiers and their Families

After military service is over, Soldiers are still Soldiers. They may take off the uniform, but they carry their values, ethos and leadership skills into whatever they take on next. That’s great news for companies looking for skilled employees. The Army is committed to making sure that Soldiers and their Families are ready for lifelong success. The Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program helps them to cultivate career skills and employment opportunities as they transition away from military service, and connect them with America’s premier employers and community organizations. For more information about how you can participate, visit, or email us to get started.

Force Stability Support Operations

When emergencies happen, we stand ready to help

Force Stability Support Operations helps our communities when disaster strikes. In the face of natural or financial crisis situations, we help to mobilize local communities, and provide materials and resources to people in need. See how you can help support these efforts at ArmyMWR/Partner, or email us to get started.