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All-Army Boxing Selection Criteria

1.  Weight Class

PINWEIGHT  N/A   < 101 lbs/46 KG
LIGHT FLYWEIGHT   < 106 lbs/48 KG < 106 lbs/48 KG
FLYWEIGHT < 112 lbs/51 KG   < 110 lbs/50 KG
LIGHT BANTAMWEIGHT    N/A    < 114 lbs/52 KG
BANTAMWEIGHT  < 119 lbs/54 KG  < 119 lbs/54 KG
FEATHERWEIGHT   < 125 lbs/57 KG  < 125 lbs/57 KG
LIGHTWEIGHT     < 132 lbs/60 KG < 132 lbs/60 KG
LIGHT WELTERWEIGHT  < 141 lbs/64 KG < 138 lbs/63KG
WELTERWEIGHT    < 152 lbs/69 KG   < 145 lbs/66 KG
MIDDLEWEIGHT    < 165 lbs/75 KG < 165 lbs/75 KG
LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT < 178 lbs/81 KG < 176 lbs/80 KG
HEAVYWEIGHT  < 201 lbs/91 KG    < 189 lbs/86 KG
SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT    + 201 lbs/91+ KG  + 189 lbs/86+ KG



Email the following documents to:

  • Copy of USA Boxing Passbook showing at least 10 sanctioned bouts.
  • Proof of current membership in USA Boxing.  Must be done prior to arrival at Trial Camp.  Can be accomplished online at USA Boxing website.
  • Copy of inside cover of Passport (required to be eligible for CISM Team)
  • Possession of a medically fitted (dentist) mouth guard.  Those reporting without a dental mouth guard may be referred to a civilian dentist for fitting at their own expense.


All experience listed on application should be detailed reflecting experience competing in the sport of Boxing.  Candidates will be ranked by weight class, based upon experience and accomplishments in the sport.  The number of individuals selected for the Trial Camp, per weight class, may be limited so it is imperative that you include as much detail in your experience as possible.  Important information to include is record of competitions and results at important competitions such as regional, national, or international competitions.  Remember, this is a Trial Camp, not a training camp.

Membership in USA Boxing with a boxing passbook with no less than 10 bouts logged in is required for open elite boxers to advance on to the USA Boxing West Regional. To become a member of USA Boxing, go to and register online using a credit card. You "may" be considered for the Trial Camp with fewer than 10 bouts in the passbook, but experience in Boxing is a must.