Cruise Sweepstakes Winner 2

Army MWR’s leisure travel website, American Forces Travel is pleased to announce that a military spouse of an active duty E6 in the United States Army is a winner of the recent cruise sweepstakes that gave away six cruise gift certificates to eligible American Forces Travel customers. 

Mrs. DeEtta Mouton described the feeling of winning as “pretty awesome.” She is glad to be over the initial shock and denial of the winning being real, so she can get excited about the cruise and start planning. She just graduated school in October, and had been contemplating taking a cruise to celebrate. Now, she is able to do just that!  

Mouton discovered the sweepstakes when browsing on the Louisiana National Guard Facebook page. An American Forces Travel post had been shared, which enticed her to click and start looking around the website. The MWR American Forces Travel cruise sweepstakes caught her eye, and she decided to enter on a whim, while booking a hotel.

She reports that she has had excellent experience with MWR programs overall, and tells people all the time about the new MWR American Forces Travel website. Bookings that Mrs. Mouton has already made through the site include hotels, and she’s looked at more cruise offerings.

Mouton will be cruising with her spouse, and they are looking at cruise destinations in the Bahamas and Mexico.  

Army Family and MWR and American Forces Travel congratulate DeEtta and her husband on winning this exciting cruise opportunity. It’s always great to know that MWR’s deserving military members are receiving the great care that they’ve earned, and that they’re able to share vacation time together to build memories. Bon voyage!