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Compete with the best and support Soldier readiness through athletic performance, military bearing and competitive spirit.

We are now taking applications for:


Coaches - September 1 - November 1,  2018

Athletes - October 1, 2018 - January 1, 2019


Soccer - Men's

Coaches - October 1 -  December 1, 2018

Athletes - November 1, 2018 - 1 February 2019



Athletes - January 1 - April 1  2019


Women's Soccer
Athletes - December 1, 2018 - March 1,  2019


Athletes - January 1, - April 1,  2019


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Dates for 2019 will be posted here as they are finalized.

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Ready to fulfill your individual athletic potential? Then the All Army Sports Program might be for you. In All Army Sports, Soldiers from Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard compete in a variety of sports at the highest levels to include Armed Forces, USA Nationals and Military World Games. We support Soldier readiness and well-being through athletic performance, military bearing and competitive spirit.
Participants in the All Army Sports Program are called Soldier-Athletes because they must be Soldiers first and outstanding athletes second. Soldier-Athletes must apply to be selected for the All Army program. Soldier-Athletes represent the Army in Armed Forces Sports Championships and national and international competitions.
All Army Sports is a short-term opportunity that may last between four days and up to three months, depending on your sport and whether you’re selected for higher competition. It is not a change in Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) or a Permanent Change of Station (PCS).

For more information about All Army Sports, you can email or call +1(210)466-1337.


* Soldier-Athletes must apply to be selected for the All Army Sports Program and require Command approval before they can be considered. Reviewing officials include All Army Sports staff and the Army Coaches of each designated sport. They consider the applicant’s background, past performances, athletic awards and sports standards. Applicants have the opportunity to supplement their applications with newspaper articles, letters of recommendation, award certificates or other forms of support.