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2013 Digital Photography Contest

Army MWR is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 Digital Photography Contest.

2013 Arts & Crafts Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 Army Arts and Crafts Contest!
Army MWR Arts & Crafts Program

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The Arts and Crafts program offers a wide range of classes and activities for many skill levels. Each facility offers unique activities designed for different ages and customer interests. Keeping current on the latest in Arts and Crafts trends is a high priority of staff. 

Arts and Crafts Centers are equipped with appropriate tools, supplies and, a safe and stress free space to accomplish personal arts and crafts projects. With many program offerings to choose from, there is something for everyone.
Today, the Army Arts and Crafts program continues to promote Soldier and Family morale, fosters individual self-improvement and enriches the community’s cultural quality of life, by offering affordable and quality creative arts instruction and hands–on assistance.

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In addition to activities, the program has two Army level contests: The Army Digital Photography Contest and the Army Arts and Crafts Contest –these contests are annual events that recognizes the talent and originality of our Soldiers, Family members and Army Civilians, beyond their war-fighting duties. Entries are submitted from Army Installations worldwide to include Soldiers of deployed units.

We strive to provide quality Arts and Crafts experiences for all of our customers. Families making art together builds relationships through shared enjoyment and for Soldiers undergoing physical rehabilitation, art enhances fine motor skills and promotes the discovery of new strengths. Arts and Crafts enrich the lives of individuals by teaching skills, stimulating creative ideas, promoting art and creating fun.  

Learn more about the history of the Family and MWR Arts Program.

To contact the IMCOM G-9 Arts and Crafts program, please email usarmy.jbsa.imcom-hq.mbx.army-arts-auto-crafts@mail.mil

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