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Army Entertainment produces and delivers diverse musical and theater entertainment to Soldiers, Families, civilians and retirees at home and abroad. Since 1940, we’ve managed unit entertainment activities, special events, touring shows and performances for our audiences around the world. Our commercial entertainment, theatrical and musical programs support our mission to improve and enrich the quality of life for all members of the U.S. military community. We operate from the Army’s second-oldest movie theatre, the historic Fort Sam Houston Theatre, built in the 1930’s.

Commercial Entertainment

Army Entertainment brings popular entertainers to military installations around the world.  Soldiers, Families, retirees and other eligible patrons can enjoy concerts, comedy shows, dance performances and other special events featuring celebrity acts. We are equipped to professionally set up stages and equipment at venues so the audience can have the premiere entertainment experience without paying big bucks.

Musical and Theater Entertainment

If all the world is a stage, then Army Entertainment definitely plays a part. We manage musical and theater productions for Soldiers and Families around the world. We also help garrisons cultivate talent and operate full community theaters with complete seasons of comedies, dramas, musicals and special events for all ages. Many also offer classes for youth and adults in acting, directing, singing and all the theater arts.

We keep it all running backstage with a small staff of professional theater, music and technical professionals. The success of our program is thanks to countless community volunteers who serve as actors, directors, designers, choreographers, technicians, costumers, stagehands, painters, builders, ushers and more. We’re also proud to support theater groups at home and overseas, including Turkey, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom.

In 2016, Army Entertainment partnered with Alpha Warrior to bring the Entertainment Battle Rig, a specialized obstacle course, to 10 military installations around the Nation. Over 8,000 Soldiers and family members met the Alpha Team, including Brent Steffensen and Kacy Catanzaro of reality hit TV show “American Ninja Warrior”. They participated in a head-to-head competition on the Rig, which tested their strength, fitness and fortitude. Stay tuned for more exciting programs like Alpha Warrior in 2017.