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Substance misuse is an issue that affects active-duty military personnel for many of the same reasons that it affects workers in the private sector. For the Army, substance misuse can cause problems with readiness, discipline, and mental and physical health of Soldiers, as well as disrupt unit cohesiveness.


Substance Misuse and Prevention Programs

The Army has two programs to help Soldiers cope with substance misuse and move them toward prevention: Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) and Substance Use Disorder Clinical Care (SUDCC).


ASAP is an educational and prevention program that offers testing, reporting, education and unit-level training on substance misuse. The program’s overall goals are to ensure that Soldiers are combat ready and that units are cohesive and effective.


ASAP objectives:

  • Improve individual fitness and overall unit readiness.
  • Provide services that are proactive and responsive to the needs of the Army’s
    workforce and emphasize deterrence, prevention, education and rehabilitation for
    alcohol and other misused drugs.
  • Implement alcohol and other drug risk-reduction and prevention strategies that
    tackle potential problems before they jeopardize readiness, productivity and
  • Restore to duty substance-impaired Soldiers who have the potential for continued
    military service.
  • Provide effective abuse prevention and education concerning alcohol and other
    drugs at all levels of command, and encourage leaders to offer alcohol- and drug-
    free leisure activities.
  • Ensure that all personnel assigned to ASAP are appropriately trained and
    experienced to accomplish their missions.
  • Achieve maximum productivity and reduce absenteeism and attrition among
    Civilian corps members by reducing the effects of the misuse of alcohol and other
  • Improve readiness by extending services to Soldiers, Civilian corps members and
    Family members.


SUDCC diagnoses Soldiers and determines if they need medical care. Soldiers from this program are referred to ASAP for continued support. Talk with your commanding officer to get a referral to SUDCC and ASAP.


Substance Misuse Education Course

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Training/Prime for Life course is a two-day curriculum that provides an overview of substance misuse education relating to alcohol and drugs. Attendees learn how to prevent high-risk behaviors and harmful effects from substance misuse.


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Participants enhance their quality of life, contribute to their community through community service activities, and assist in the planning and execution of their own recreation and leisure events.

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