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Ready and resilient are two words at the core of the Army’s dedication to fostering character and a positive culture and climate. The Army’s Ready and Resilient strategy is focused on enhancing personal readiness and building trust within our ranks. With a dedication to fostering character and a positive culture and climate, we are committed to providing the training and resources necessary to support our Army Family.


By strengthening Soldiers and enhancing their personal readiness, we increase unit cohesion and achieve positive outcomes. The 32 Army-wide R2 Performance Centers provide customized resilience and performance-enhancement training to develop resilient leaders and Soldiers who can overcome and recover from everyday stressors and major life events, adapt to change and thrive under new conditions.


R2 Programs

The Master Resilience Training course helps Soldiers enhance their leadership and effectiveness by teaching them the six critical characteristics of resilient individuals: self-awareness, self-regulation, optimism, mental agility, strengths of character and connection. The 10-day course is an immersion in core concepts and skills and teaches participants to train others.


Mandatory Deployment Cycle Resilience Training prepares units, Soldiers, leaders and Department of the Army Civilians for the challenges and demands of the deployment cycle.


Executive Resilience and Performance Course shows company-level leaders how to cultivate the factors that inspire optimal performance by using mental skills training to maximize leader attributes and accelerate unit excellence.


Great Teams is a cultural development program that brings together Soldiers and leaders to engage in discussions and exercises that can solidify or, in some cases, redefine their team’s shared philosophy, vision, values and standards.


Squad Leader Development course instructs leaders in useful concepts like communication, empathy and trust so that they can have tough conversations and apply practical strategies for leading and developing others.


Experts at the R2 Performance Centers can develop customized training to meet specific unit or individual needs. 


Resilience in Focus is a series of quick resilience-building tools and infographics that cover topics such as making stress work for you, boosting optimism, cultivating mindfulness and sticking to goals.


Suicide Prevention Training and Resources

Ask, Care, Escort—Suicide Intervention information sheet and R2 awareness materials outline suicide risk factors, warning signs and resources, and encourage intervention for at-risk Army Family members.


ENGAGE Bystander Intervention teaches key points on how to notice, take responsibility and act in critical moments to provide help before a problem escalates.


Lethal Means Safety Toolkit provides education on LMS and guidance and resources on how to integrate this concept into Army culture.


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June 14 is:

  • U.S. Army Birthday, which commemorates the service’s founding in 1775, after the Continental Congress authorized riflemen to enlist to serve the United Colonies.
  • Flag Day, which celebrates the adoption of the U.S. flag.


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