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About BOSS

The mission of the BOSS program is to enhance the morale and welfare of single Soldiers, increase retention and sustain combat readiness. BOSS is the collective voice of single Soldiers through the chain of command, which serves as a tool for commanders to gauge the morale of single Soldiers regarding quality of life issues. Additionally, BOSS also sponsors a variety of activities before, during and after deployment to maintain the morale of single Soldiers affected by increased operational tempo and deployment stress.

The BOSS program is facilitated through its three core components aimed at maintaining a balanced life: leisure and recreation, community service and quality of life. BOSS affords Soldiers the opportunity to assist in planning and execution of recreational activities for single Soldiers and provides direction for Soldiers interested in performing military and civilian community service-related projects. Community service projects provide Soldiers valuable experience, skills and a sense of community pride and ownership.

The BOSS program also serves as a tool to address many of the issues and concerns that our Army faces today. The program gives the Army the ability to tackle tough issues through peer to peer leadership. Single Soldiers assist the chain of command in dealing with suicide prevention, sexual assault and sexual harassment issues that single Soldiers living in barracks might experience.

Garrison BOSS programs are managed by a Senior Enlisted Advisor, MWR Advisor and BOSS President. BOSS serves the Single Soldier Community - active, guard and reserve - and single parents, geographical bachelors, and other branches of service and Foreign Service Members.

There are seventy-four (74) BOSS communities Army-wide. BOSS supports Year of the NCO fitness, leadership and pride in service initiatives to enhance and accelerate the development of NCOs. 

BOSS Core Components

  • Quality of Life
    Quality of Life includes those issues that Soldiers can directly or indirectly influence 
    to enhance their morale, living environment, or personal growth and development. 
    Issues raised during BOSS meetings will be directed to the appropriate 
    command or staff agency for resolution on the installation. Army-wide 
    issues are forwarded to the Army Family Action Plan 
    Conference for possible DA resolution.
  • Recreation and Leisure
    Fun activities are planned by the BOSS 
    council working in conjunction 
    with the MWR Advisor and CSM. 
    These events are geared towards the 
    desires of the Single Soldiers on that installation.
  • Community Service
    BOSS makes a difference by volunteering in 
    community projects and events. This is always 
    voluntary in nature, and Soldiers find this 
    to be personally rewarding.