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Equestrian Services and Horse Stables

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Horse Care Clinics

Horse Rentals and Pony Rides

Many Army garrisons have conveniently located horse stables with a variety of equestrian services. Some garrisons offer guided trail rides. Pony rides are also available at select locations.

Check with your local MWR office for more details including age and height requirements.

Horse Boarding

Certain Army MWR garrisons offer both Stall and Pasture board for private horse owners. Pricing will vary according to location. Stall Boarders may enjoy privileges including but not limited to: Communal Turnouts, Sawdust, Hay, Watering, and more.

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For those wishing to keep their horses in Pasture, many locations offer Pasture Boarding as an option.

Boarding is open to Active Duty, Retirees and DOD Civilians.

If you want to join the equestrian lifestyle, many MWR offices give you the opportunity through a variety of clinics. Pricing and clinic schedules vary by locations.

Check with your local MWR for more details.

Locate an Army MWR equestrian service or horse stable

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