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Army Library Resources

  • General Library and Information System (GLIS)
    Register at your local MWR Library to take advantage of a variety of resources and sites through GLIS.

  • My Library
    If you aren't registered at a GLIS Library but have an account with Army Knowledge Online (AKO), you can access the online services there. Just go to AKO and select "My Library" under "Self Service" in the main navigation bar.

  • Army OneSource
    If you are not registered with GLIS or AKO, you can also access our service through ArmyOneSource.com. Once you are at ArmyOneSource.com, click "Education, Careers, and Libraries" in the navigation. Select "Online Library Resources" to access the system.

  • DoD MWR Libraries
    If you aren't Army, but are in another branch of the military, please use the DoD MWR Libraries. Visit MilitaryOneSource.com, scroll over "Military Life Topics" and select "Morale, Welfare & Recreation." You will find "DoD MWR Library Resources" under the "Popular Links" section.


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Army Libraries Mission: Army general libraries provide the military community with effective professionally directed library services to support expeditionary forces in a time of persistent conflict, and to contribute to the quality of life of the military community with programs and services supporting educational advancement, military reference and research, and leisure needs activities.

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