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Army Entertainment Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Army Entertainment?
    Army Entertainment is where America’s Soldiers shine. We are the largest single producer of live entertainment in the world. Whether onstage or backstage, Soldiers showcase their talents on tours with us across the country and overseas. Fellow Soldiers, Families and the public can attend and appreciate our roof-raising performances.
  • Can I perform in a show?
    Yes. We’re always looking for singers, dancers, rappers, musicians and actors to join our ranks.

  • I don’t like to sing or dance, but can I help out backstage?
    Yes. We run all of our own shows, and that means technical support is critical. We look for people to help with lighting, staging, video, audio and logistics on tour as well. We also look for drivers who are 88M qualified.

  • Will this help me learn skills to use after my military service is done?
    Yes. One of the great things about working as an Army Entertainment technician is the practical training you’ll get. The skills you’ll learn on tour double as unrivaled on-the-job training for coveted civilian jobs when your active duty is complete.

  • How can I apply?
    Apply online. Production for the 2015 season is already underway. Applications for the 2016 season are due by December 15, 2015.

  • What is required to audition for cast or crew?
    Auditions are open to all Soldiers, including those on Active Duty and in Reserve and Guard units. All applicants must have at least 90 days of time in service remaining after the 2016 tour is complete (approximately November 30, 2016).  Applicants must be deployable worldwide as Army Entertainment will also tour to overseas locations. Performers need to supply a DVD/CD sample of their work, an entertainment resume and a ¾ length DA photo.  Technicians need to supply references and/or a portfolio of sample work, a technical resume and a ¾ length DA photo. We will review your information and let you know in January if you’ll have a chance to perform a video audition or technical review, which is also scheduled for January.

  • How much time should I plan to be away on tour?
    Army Entertainment can be fun and rewarding, but participants should prepare to be away from their duty stations for up to 11 months.  
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