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Healthy Army Communities


United States Army Healthy Army Communities (HAC) is the commitment of Army Leaders & installation partners to inspire & promote active solutions to increase Readiness & Resiliency through an Army culture of health for the total Army community of Soldiers, families, retirees & civilians.

A fit and healthy fighting force – and the Families and community that support it – provides the foundation for a strong national defense. Healthy Army Communities is our wide-ranging commitment to help everyone in our Army community live healthier lives.

Through Healthy Army Communities, Army leaders and Community partners encourage health and wellness by shaping things like policy, education, and physical surroundings. Together, we encourage a culture of healthy living, and make sure Army communities have the resources and healthier choices they need to pursue the healthy lifestyle they want.

We are committed to providing a supportive environment for community members through these efforts:




superman PT.jpg

With the new changes to the ACFT comes the switch from the pushup event to the Hand release push up arm extension. This event is very similar to the old pushup event. Only it is another varia… Read More

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We all know that Nutrition and Performance goes hand in hand. Your nutrition can “…enhance Warfighter performance during workouts, training, missions, and recovery.” The Human Performance Resources website contains an arr... Read More

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When it comes to sleep, sometimes it just doesn’t come easy. As part of the Performance Triad and Healthy Army Initiatives Pillars, Sleep is very important. One way to improve your sleep is by making your sleep a priority. According to the P3 Triad, there ar... Read More

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