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Healthy Army Communities


United States Army Healthy Army Communities (HAC) is the commitment of Army Leaders & installation partners to inspire & promote active solutions to increase Readiness & Resiliency through an Army culture of health for the total Army community of Soldiers, families, retirees & civilians.

A fit and healthy fighting force – and the Families and community that support it – provides the foundation for a strong national defense. Healthy Army Communities is our wide-ranging commitment to help everyone in our Army community live healthier lives.

Through Healthy Army Communities, Army leaders and Community partners encourage health and wellness by shaping things like policy, education, and physical surroundings. Together, we encourage a culture of healthy living, and make sure Army communities have the resources and healthier choices they need to pursue the healthy lifestyle they want.

We are committed to providing a supportive environment for community members through these efforts: 




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It's Friday! Did you know regular exercise helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels? Did you know exercise combats health conditions and diseases? Did you know exercise boosts energy and improves mood? Did you know exercise can help... Read More


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Protect Your Musculoskeletal From Injury. Overtraining can occur when a person spends too much time focusing on strength training and not enough time devoted to all the things that make up a healthy lifestyle. For example, you may be overtraining if you are working... Read More


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Our #WhyIServe today highlights 1st LT. Luther Hall

"I initially joined the Army for the educational benefits. However, during BCT, our company Drill Sergeants drove home the level of sacrifice, dedication, discipline, and love that Soldiers have for... Read More


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#MondayMotivation The U.S. Army holds to its soldiers a standard of values. Soldiers must strive for Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, and Integrity. Today we wanted to highlight the value of Integrity with the quote by C.S Lewis, "Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching." This week find the... Read More

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