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Healthy Army Communities


United States Army Healthy Army Communities (HAC) is the commitment of Army Leaders & installation partners to inspire & promote active solutions to increase Readiness & Resiliency through an Army culture of health for the total Army community of Soldiers, families, retirees & civilians.

A fit and healthy fighting force – and the Families and community that support it – provides the foundation for a strong national defense. Healthy Army Communities is our wide-ranging commitment to help everyone in our Army community live healthier lives.

Through Healthy Army Communities, Army leaders and Community partners encourage health and wellness by shaping things like policy, education, and physical surroundings. Together, we encourage a culture of healthy living, and make sure Army communities have the resources and healthier choices they need to pursue the healthy lifestyle they want.

We are committed to providing a supportive environment for community members through these efforts: 




Sept 1 Health.png

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August 31 Health.png

Did you know that habits shape up to 45% of our daily decisions? This means changing a bad habit requires strong motivation and effort. But how can we change our habits and our mindset? To answer the question is to seek out which form of... Read More

Father's Day June 18.png

Happy Friday you made it to another weekend! But not just any weekend. This Sunday is Father’s Day, and that means it is a day to show appreciation for all the fathers and role models who have given their time to raise a child or family. The father is an integral part.. Read More

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It's Friday! Did you know regular exercise helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels? Did you know exercise combats health conditions and diseases? Did you know exercise boosts energy and improves mood? Did you know exercise can help... Read More


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