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Adequate sleep is critical to mission success. In training and on the battlefield, inadequate sleep impairs many mission-critical abilities such as reaction time, the ability to detect and engage the enemy, and squad tactic coordination - to name but a few. When interviewed about the connections between sleep and mission readiness, Soldiers and military leaders consistently attribute accidents, poor morale, and impaired judgment to sleep loss. However, despite mission-relevant performance degradation resulting from sleepiness, a culture of suboptimal sleep and a perception that lack of sleep is "the Army way" prevails in the force.


A healthy lifestyle comes from the foundation of proper sleep. The truth is poor sleep cascades into unfavorable daily life and have damaging effects on the performance and safety of your unit. Read More

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#Mindfulness The physical fitness of an individual can determine a lot about their mental state. A healthy, active individual reaps the emotional benefits of consistent physical activity. In the P3 healthy sleep, eating, and activity are covered. But one of the essential levels that should be addressed is one's mental... Read More


Signs of Inadequate Sleep: Busy schedules often impede our lives and can lead to some unfortunate sleep disturbances. However, when disregarding healthy, consistent sleep, people can face problems that are dangerous to themselves and have... Read More

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Sleep Strategies: Prepare Your Sleep Area. One of the critical strategies to good quality sleep is having a comfortable sleep area. However, comfortable is not always applicable. It will depend on your location, current operations, and operational environment. It is vital to look at your sleep area while station... Read More

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