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Eating or fueling for performance enables Soldier training, increases energy and endurance, shortens recovery time between activities, improves focus and concentration, and helps leaders and Soldiers look and feel better. Although Soldiers and leaders frequently understand the connections between nutrition and mission readiness, they also cite numerous barriers to obtaining optimal nutrition. These barriers include lack of access to healthy foods, time constraints arising from working through meals or working late, monetary constraints, and low motivation to make healthy choices. Specifically, when interviewed on what affects their nutrition, many Soldiers cited military dining facility hours, cost, location, and limited healthy options as barriers to making the healthy choice. Others indicated the prevalence of unhealthy on-base fast food options detracted from their ability and motivation to make optimal food selections.


#P3 Healthy Lunch Ideas | Fast food menus are tricky when you’re watching your weight or your health. Finding a healthy, well-balanced meal in most food restaurants is a challenge. Researchers have found that a diet high in fast food and its essential components such as bad fats, sodium, and sugar... Read More

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What we put inside our bodies matters. A good recipe and a great recipe can differ between how something tastes and what it provides for you. A recent study from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health found that a consistent intake of fruit and vegetables in one's diet may help... Read More

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Turkey Chili | As August ends and we welcome the new month of September, we want to bring in the fall with a hardy and healthy slow cooker chili bean recipe for those cold days... Read More

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A large part of nutrition and eating comes down to what you eat and how much you eat. This means you can still enjoy the things you used to, but with a different frame of mind. Snacking is a big problem for many people. Buying sugary drinks or chips can become familiar for ourselves and our.... Read More

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