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“Together, we encourage a culture of healthy living by making sure Army communities have the resources and healthier choices they need to pursue the healthy lifestyle they want.” Lieutenant General Becker, IMCOM 

What is BE STRONG Powered by HAC? It is important to understand that the BE STRONG Campaign is Family and MWR’s outward facing campaign for consumers to recognize health and wellness efforts within the organization. It is a part of the bigger commitment of Garrison stakeholders to building Healthy Army Communities by shaping things like policy, education and physical surroundings.

Why are we implementing the BE STRONG Campaign? As a stakeholder in the Healthy Army Communities initiative the BE STRONG Campaign is Family and MWR’s unified effort to help community members on Army garrisons, live healthier lives. One identity aligned to one message.

We implement the BE STRONG powered by HAC Campaign by: Identifying and enhancing existing Family and MWR programs, services and events that advocate and promote active living, healthy eating and culture change.

Consolidating programs and endorsing efforts under the BE STRONG umbrella.

Educating community members using one voice consistent messaging and making it easy for them to identify health and wellness opportunities within Family and MWR.

BE STRONG powered by HAC Campaign components? Active Living, Healthy Eating and Culture Change are three areas where BE Strong Powered by HAC seeks to align Family and MWR programs and events.

This is our strategy to help our audience identify healthier options and make conscious decisions around these components. Moreover, we have developed specific call to actions (CTAs) that speak to these elements. 

Our vision is that Army Communities at all levels are mission ready, healthy and resilient. Through a cohesive branding effort we will bring life to Healthy Army Communities and connect existing efforts under one umbrella.