SPC Niklas Poland and SPC Devon Lewis competed at the 2018 Canada Open in Richmond, Canada on 13-16 September 2018.  In the Men's 80kg weight class, SPC Poland finished in 2nd place with a record of 3-1 while SPC Lewis finished 3rd in the Women's 57kg weight class with a 1-1 record.

SSG Michael Lukow wins Bronze at the 2018 Para Pan American Championships in the Men's Recurve event with a score of 609

Record set for World Class Athlete Program and All Army Taekwondo at 2018 Taekwondo Championships

WCAP Results

2018 ISSF Shooting World Championships - Changwon, South Korea

5th - 2LT Sarah Beard, 300m 3-Position Rifle with a score of 1154

2018 Canada Open - Richmond, Canada


2nd - SPC Niklas Poland, Men's 80 kg division with a record of 3-1
3rd - SPC Devon Lewis, Women's 57 kg division with a record of 1-1

Great Cow Harbor 10K - Northport, NY

2nd - SPC Frankline Tonui with a time of 29:30.45

WCAP Nutrition Tips

4 Common Grocery Shopping Myths

1. Myth: Organic is more nutritious.  Fact: There isn't much of a difference between Organic and Non-Organic.
2. MythFresh produce is always the best choice.  Fact: If not in season, frozen can be more nutritious than fresh produce. 
3. Myth: Turkey burgers are healthier than Hamburgers.  Fact: If you are buying 80/20 ground turkey, then its being ground with the skin and is less healthy than lean ground beef.
4. Myth: If it say wheat, it is healthier.  Fact: Sometimes things are made with enriched wheat flour instead of whole grain (has more protein and fiber).