SGT Emily Sweeney's interview with NBC reporter, Lewis Johnson, after crashing on her final run of the Olympic women's luge singles event.   

Back on track: Soldier Olympian set to resume sliding

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea — U.S. Army National Guardsmen Sgt. Justin Olsen has used his time off wisely, and he thinks he is ready to get in a sled again. 

2018 Winter Olympic Games Results

Men's Luge Doubles

10th - SGT Matthew Mortensen, combined time of 1:32.687

Mixed Relay

4th - SGT Matthew Mortensen with civilian teammates Jayson Terdiman (Doubles), Summer Britcher (women's singles) and Chris Mazdzer (men's singles), with a combined time of 2:25.091

Women's Luge Singles

Due to crashing during the last run of the competition, SGT Emily Sweeney was unable to finish the competition

Men's Luge Singles

18th - SGT Taylor Morris, combined time of 3:12.547

WCAP Results

USA vs. Serbia Dual Meet at Boise, ID on 10 February 2018

1st - SGT Ryan Mango, 60 kg weight class, SGT Mango defeated his opponent by a score of 8-0

Camel City Elite Invitational at Winston Salem, NC on 2-3 February 2018

1st - SPC Paul Chelimo, Men's 3,000m event with a time of 7:52.88
1st - PFC Eliud Rutto, Men's 800m event with a time of 1:51.16
2nd -  SPC Paul Chelimo, Men's 1-Mile event with a time of 3:58.59

U.S. Cross Country Championships at Tallahassee, FL on 3 February 2018

1st - SPC Leonard Korir, Men's 10K event with a time of 29:16.60

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