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Army Family

The Army Family Covenant

We recognize:
- The sacrifices made by our Soldiers and Families every day.
- The strength of our Nation comes from the strength of our Soldiers and Families.

We are committed to:
- Keeping faith with our Soldiers, their Families, our wounded and our survivors.
- Maintaining the support that Soldiers and Families deserve.
- Building a partnership with Soldiers and Families that enhances their strength and resilience.

We are committed to improving Soldier and Family readiness by:
- Continuing to build resiliency thorugh strengthened Soldier and Family programs that are simple and easier to access
- Maintaining accessibility and quality of healthcare
- Sustaining high-quality Soldiers and Families
- Maintaining excellence in school support, youth services, and child care
- Promoting education and employment opportunties for Family members
- Sustaining recreation, travel and quality of opportunties for Single Soldiers
- Joining forces with communities to inspirte support for Soldiers and Families

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