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Parent & Outreach Services

Parent Central Services

(Ages 0-18 years) Offers registration, enrollment, records transfer, parent education classes, and babysitter training and referral services for Families.  Includes CYS Parent Advisory Council, non-traditional outreach services, and Parents on Site volunteer program.  Provides program information, sends eNews publications and messages, and contributes to web sites of interest to parents.

Kids On Site/Short Term Alternative Child Care

(Ages 6 weeks-12 years)  Offers short term hourly child care for Families using/attending command-sponsored events, e.g., Strong Bonds, Family Readiness Groups, memorial services, Yellow Ribbon events, etc.   Provided by CYS Services employees in a variety of on and off post settings which may include Family & MWR facilities, chapels, Armed Forces Recreation Centers, hotels, schools, armories, etc.  Parents remain on site or are immediately available in an adjacent facility.

Kids At Home

(Ages 6 weeks-18 years) Offers non-traditional outreach services to support Families with children/youth whose primary care/educational setting is in their own home.  Includes imAlone classes for enrolled children (11-15 years) whose parents have determined that they can be home alone during out of school hours, and Home School Services, e.g., use of CYS Services tech labs, multipurpose rooms, homework centers, instructional programs for educational purposes during school hours (when facilities are not in use) by children/youth who are home schooled and accompanied by their parents.

Parents On Site/Parent Co-Ops

(Ages 6 weeks-12 years) Offers support services for the operation and management of parent co-ops that exchange babysitting services, infant/toddler playgroups, short term care in unit settings by Family members in one unit or organization for similar services at a future agreed upon time with Family members in another unit or organization.  Care is provided by parents with CYS staff assistance and operations are subject to DoD Certification.

Trained Babysitters

(Ages 6 weeks-12 years) Offers formal training for teens and adults who provide short term hourly child care in Families’ own homes.  Training covers skills needed to safely and appropriately care for children and includes First Aid and CPR, program activities, and the “business” of babysitting.  Trained CYSitters receive a certificate of completion and wallet card and may be placed on the CYS babysitter referral list.

SKIESUnlimited Instructional Program

(Ages 3-18 years)  Offers a range of out-of -school classes, e.g., music, dance, martial arts, gymnastics, technology, life skills, and SAT prep designed to complement, expand, and support the academic, life skills, and athletic experiences children and youth have within Army CYS Programs and Schools.  Provided by CYS employees and contract instructors in a variety of settings which may include Child Development Centers, School Age Programs, Family & MWR and community facilities, and schools.

Deployment Support Services

  • Operation Military Child Care (OMCC)
    Supports the child care needs of active -duty, National Guard and reserve Soldier parents who are mobilized or deployed.  OMCC helps eligible Families find child care options at reduced rates in local communities.  It also reduces child care fees of Families already using licensed community child care programs and providers.
  • Child Behavior Consultants
    Provides on-site counselors in child and youth programs to offer non-medical, short term, situational, problem-solving counseling services to staff, parents, and children within CYS facilities, garrison schools, and summer camps.
  • Respite Child Care Offers respite child care for parents to give them temporary relief from child rearing duties and allows them time to take care of personal business.  Families are offered 16 hours per child, per month at no cost. They are eligible from 30 days prior to deployment to 90 days after redeployment.