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"Gratitude" in the dictionary An Attitude of Gratitude
We know how stressful the holidays can get, so we've compiled a quick list of things to help keep that attitude of gratitude this holiday season.
"Happy Thanksgiving" Tips for Having a Harmonious Family Holiday
The holidays often times mean a whirlwind of family and friends. Often, that means stress. Check out our tips for a harmonious holiday.
"Happy Thanksgiving" Thanksgiving: A History
Learn more about how the holiday Thanksgiving came to be.
Thanksgiving day food on a plate Making Turkey Time Easy and Delicious
Learn some basic tips to make your turkey dinner a tasty one to remember.
"Thank You" How to Adopt a Soldier
Open your home to Soldiers during the holidays.

Military Family Month
"Thank You" on cork board Five Ways to Show Thanks During Military Family Month
Show your appreciation the entire month of November for our military Families!
Soldier hugs his children Military Family Month: Keeping Our Army Strong
Learn more about Military Family Month and ways you can get involved.
Drawings of Stick People Saying "Thank You" 10 Creative Ways to Show Appreciation for Military Families
Use your imagination and see how many ways you can show your Family how much you appreciate them.
Military Family Month November 2015 Stand-To! - Military Family Month 2015
What is Military Family Month? Learn about what the Army is doing to celebrate our Army Families.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Purple ribbon for domestic violence prevention Domestic violence prevention starts with respect
There are core values at the forefront of any healthy relationship: love, trust and respect. Find out how domestic violence prevention beings with respect.


  Stand-To! Domestic Violence Awareness Month
The U.S. Army supports the Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) observance.


Run to Honor

Guest Blogger, Stephanie My Greatest Memory of My Brother
Read Stephanie's memory about her brother SFC David James Todd, Jr. and why she is running to honor him.

Run to Honor the Fallen and Surviving Families, October 9-11 Run to Honor
This year during the Army Ten-Miler, we run to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.

Gold Star Mother's Day

Gold Star Mother's Day: September 27, 2015. Honor & Remember ‘Gold Star Mothers’ become bedrocks of support for survivors of the fallen
The Gold Star has symbolized the loss of a service member since the First World War.This year, the Army and nation will honor and remember the surviving mothers of fallen Soldiers on September 27.

Gold Star Mother's Day: September 27th 2015 Gold Star Mother’s Day
On June 23, 1936, the 74th United States Congress designated the last Sunday of September as "Gold Star Mother's Day.” The national commemoration is an opportunity for the American public to remember and honor the continued service of the Gold Star Mothers.

Operation Rising Star 2015
Audition Audition for Operation Rising Star
You already know you’re a star. Now it’s time to get up on stage and show us.

Microphone Taking Care of Your Voice
You've entered the contest. Learn how to keep your voice healthy during Operation Rising Star and into the future.


Guest Blogger, Melissa Melissa, on ORS
Military Spouse and Former Soldier, Melissa describes her experience as the Season 6 winner of Operation Rising Star.
Operation Rising Star Operation Rising Star
Learn more about the competition, how to enter and what's coming up!

Labor Day

Safety First Labor Day Safety Tips
Check out these safety tips from MWR and have a fun, safe holiday weekend.


Labor Day Labor Day: A History
Labor Day is often a day of relaxation and fun for many, but have you ever wondered where it came from? Check out the interesting history behind Labor Day.
Silhouette of a person riding a motorcycle Motorcycle Safety
Keeping the roads safe is everyone's job, whether you ride a motorcycle or not. Here are some quick tips to stay safe on the roads.


Bowling pins Five Ways to Get Bowled Over this Fall
Bored? Looking for something to do? Check out your local Family and MWR Bowling Center! From practice to parties - the fun starts here.


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