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Military Spouse Employment

Employment Application with Pen Finding a Job as a Military Spouse
Moving to a new duty station can be a great adventure. But, if you’re a military spouse, finding a new job each time you move can be a real challenge.

Guest Blogger, Bridgette We Have Orders
Life was amazing! My husband was finally home from a 15-month deployment and we received permanent change of station (PCS) orders to relocate from Fort Hood, Texas to Fort Lee, Virginia.

Holiday Recipes

Pumpkin Bisque Recipe: Sweet Pumpkin Bisque
Try this delicious recipe from Joint Base Lewis-McCord's Chef Randy.
Stuffed Chicken Roulade Recipe: Stuffed Chicken Roulade
Looking for the perfect dish for a dinner party? Try Chef Randy's stuffed chicken roulade.


Healthy Holidays
Don't Stress Healthy Holiday Tips
MWR has some tips to help you have a happy, healthy holiday.
Eggs Featured Recipe: Casserole Bites
Looking for a quick, easy breakfast dish? We've got the recipe for you! (And it's healthy too!)
Healthy food basket Healthy Holiday Eating
Fort Hood's Family and MWR shares ways for you to eat healthy this holiday season.
Soup Featured Recipe: Curried Butternut Squash Soup
Tis the season for comfort food! Try this delicious and healthy soup - sure to warm you up this winter!

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
Aleta and Frank The Days After Pearl Harbor. A Navy Wife’s Story
Navy Wife, Aleta, recalls that fateful day at Pearl Harbor in 1941.

Aleta and Mike
Mike's Story
Aleta’s son, Mike, remembers that day a bit differently from his mother’s story.


Holiday Gifting
Woman with Shopping Bags Holiday Gift Giving Tips
From Secret Santas to office parties, it’s that time of year to give gifts that spread cheer.

Peppermint candy Holiday Gift Wrapping Tips
Whether you are giving gifts to friends, family or colleagues, presentation is everything - especially when it comes to your holiday presents.


Warrior Care Month
Warrior Care Month Warrior Care Month
Each November, the Army commemorates Warrior Care Month. This is a time where the military community reaffirms their commitment to the best recovery and reintegration for the nation's wounded, ill and injured service members, their families and the professionals who support them.
Soldier conversing with group

WTU kicks off Warrior Care Month with internship lecture
Internships, job opportunities and transitioning discussions kicked off Fort Hood Warrior Transition Unit’s celebration of Warrior Care Month


Military Family Appreciation Month
Soldier hugging kids Military Family Appreciation Month: Ready & Resilient
Each year the President signs a proclamation declaring November as Military Family Appreciation Month.

Thank You Note 10 Creative Ways to Show Appreciation for Military Families
Each November, Military Family Month provides the opportunity for a grateful nation to recognize the sacrifices and contributions of all military family members in defense of the nation.

Soldier For Life
Army MWR Guest Blogger The "Out of Army" Experience
SSG Mayberry shares his transition from active duty to civilian experience.

IMCOM Trains Managers to Help Soldiers Transition
The Soldier for Life Program is here to guide Soldiers and their Families during the transition from active duty to civilian.

Get fit this Fall with MWR
"Today is the Day" Kickstart Your Fitness Program
Physical fitness is not only a vital part of a healthy and proactive lifestyle, it is also a great way to improve mental health and stability.

"Recipes" Fit Recipes
Some quick and easy recipes for a health-conscious lifestyle.
Kids riding bikes Kids: How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle
With obesity taking the world by storm, it’s important to start kids out early learning the basics of healthy eating and living.

Water bottles, fitness equipment and healthy food Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle
Staying healthy gives you the energy you need for your day.


Get Ready for the Army Ten-Miler with MWR
"Finish" on track  Get Ten-Miler Ready with MWR
If you'd like to test your limits while enjoying some of the most eye-catching scenery in Washington, D.C., the Army Ten-Miler is for you. Soldier, civilian or professional runner, you'll find plenty of excitement and challenge at this ten-mile race in the nation's capital.
Runner Running: How to Get Started
If you haven’t incorporated running into your lifestyle yet, then you are truly missing out. However, it isn’t something that you’ll be able to do perfectly overnight, as it will take time to build up your momentum.


Running Shoes 
10 Tips for Marathon Runners
Running a marathon is never easy, but it can be extremely rewarding. It’s a great way to stay healthy, test your physical and mental limits, and compete with other committed runners.

Minimalist Running shoes
Running Shoes: Traditional vs. Minimal
Between work and Family life for a Soldier, it’s important to stay in good shape, both for your job and your personal health. While there are a variety of ways to do this, running is one of the best and one most soldiers have had a lot of practice at over their time in the military.
Run to Honor Run to Honor
IMCOM and Family and MWR Programs invite you to dedicate your Army Ten Miler weekend run to Fallen Service Members and their surviving Families.

Gold Star Mother's Day
Gold Star Pins Gold Star Mother's Day to be celebrated Sunday
"Gold Star Mother's Day" is observed each year on the last Sunday in September.


Guest Blogger, Mysty Blog: Survivor Outreach Services
I have been a Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) Support Coordinator for the State of Iowa since January of 2010.
Another title I hold, that I would give anything to not have, is a Gold Star Mother.
Guest Blogger, Candy Blog: Ask a Gold Star Mother
You can ask me about my son – I never tire of telling his story. It warms my heart to relive the little boy I loved and watched grow into a caring and thoughtful man.

Guest Blogger, Renee Blog: What Does the Gold Star Mean to Me?
When I think of gold, I think of purity, solid, richness. I also think of gold when I think of my son Sgt. Bernard Sembly, who gave his life for this country.
Run to Honor Run to Honor
IMCOM and Family and MWR Programs invite you to dedicate your Army Ten Miler weekend run to Fallen Service Members and their surviving Families.

NAF Benefits Information

5 Must Do Tips for Retirement
Tips for a successful retirement provided by the NAF Benefits Program.
Flexible Spending Accounts
5 Things to know about Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs).
Image of couple planning benefits
NAF Employee Benefits Online
Learn about the NAF Employee Benefits Online Portal.
  New Human Resources Office Directory
Ready to discuss your benefits?  Locate your local HR Office today. 

September is Suicide Prevention Month
Sign for emergencies and crisis counseling Suicide: Warning Signs, Prevention, and Resources
September is Suicide Prevention Month across the United States, and MWR wants to help you identify the signs of a suicidal person and how to get help.
Hands To Prevent Suicide, Reach Out
Robin Williams’ untimely death evokes many feelings and thoughts. One of those thoughts is the tragic reminder that suicide is a problem that knows no boundaries.
Sign for emergencies and crisis counseling Suicide Prevention
MWR has compiled a list of resources if you or someone you love is thinking about suicide.

From Summer to School with MWR
To-Do List Ideas for After School Schedules
Getting Families into the back-to-school groove can be a challenge, but that challenge just got easier.
Don't Forget Things to Remember Before Heading Back to School
The first day of school starts long before the bell rings. Try our handy back to school checklist to start prepping now!
Back to School  Transition into Fall with School Support Services
The Child Youth and School (CYS) Services are designed to address concerns and problems that children may face when a parent is in the Army.

Back to School with MWR

Back to School Welcome Back!
Some tips provided by Fort Riley to help transition smoothly from summer to school.

Teacher with Students at lunch School Lunch Packing Tips
Some quick tips for getting your school lunches ready.


Student running hurdles Student clears Hurdles in path to success
Military children can often pick up on leadership skills, which seemingly seep into the homes of military communities.

Pizza MWR Recipes: BYO Pita Pizzas
Kids will love these mini pizzas!


Chicken and Vegetables MWR Recipes: Chicken Packets
A delicious and nutritious lunch for your kids!
Quesadilla MWR Recipes: Dessert Quesadillas
Get creative with this easy dessert for your kids!

Plan your child's next birthday with MWR

Military Youth Birthday Ideas
Ideas for celebrating your child's next birthday party with Army MWR.


Plan a Birthday: Fort Bragg, NC
Birthday party ideas from Fort Bragg Family and MWR.


A Summer Bowling Birthday
The Fort Riley MWR Bowling program offers 101 days of free bowling for kids 16 and under.


Arts and Crafts: The Way to Resilience

Soldier Painting Dragon MWR Arts & Crafts Initiative Builds Resilience through Art
To fight against combat-related stress disorders, IMCOM has enlisted the help of licensed art therapists to develop the "Resiliency through Art" train-the-trainer curriculum.


Up Cycle!
Visit your local Arts and Crafts Center to explore ways to up-cycle many of your household items


Working on metal clay project Fort Bragg MWR Arts & Crafts Program Promotes Resilience
The Fort Bragg MWR Arts & Crafts Center is partnering with the Wounded Warrior Project to provide workshops to recovering Soldiers to help them heal.


Quest for the Best: Do You Have What it Takes?

Quest for the Best Logo Quest for the Best: Armed Forces Trivia Challenge
Have you got what it takes to win? Quest for the Best is a 90-minute interactive game show where the entire audience competes for the chance to win!


 Bruce Campbell Meet the Host: Bruce Campbell
Star of TV and Film: Bruce Campbell hosts this exciting gameshow at Fort Sam Houston. Learn more about him and his career.


Got Questions about Quest for the Best? We've got answers!


Summer Travel to the Armed Forces Resorts

Edelweiss Summer Photo Travel to Edelweiss
Explore summer travel packages to Edelweiss Lodge and Resort in the heart of the Bavarian Alps.


  Upcoming Happenings at Dragon Hill Join Dragon Hill Lodge in Seoul, Korea for many of it's upcoming events this summer.


Add a Splash of Hawaii to your summer
The Hale Koa Hotel shares it's famous Mai Tai recipe on the Army MWR Pinterest Page.

  A Fish Lover's Heaven
Traveling to Korea? Travel Blogger and Army Spouse, Annie makes her recommendation for the best fish market in Seoul.

Summer Health, Fitness and Motivation

Coach and Mentor Spotlights
Get inspired by 4 Coaches making an impact on Army Sports


  DECA Healthy Lifestyle Festival
Join DeCA, MWR and the Exchange at a local Healthy Lifestyle Festival


Healthy Summer Recipes
Under 500 Calorie Summer Dishes from the Army MWR Chefs.


Happy Birthday Army!

Army Birthday Book 2014 Army Birthday Book
The Army Birthday Book is back with our military kids and Sam! Join them as they learn more about the Army, and don't forget to download your free copy of the book.


 Balloons Garrison Events
Celebrate the 239th Army Birthday with your local garrison!


Magnifying Glass and "History" 239 Years Army Strong
Find out more about the history of the Army.

  Army Birthday Ball Supporters
We want to give a special thank you to this year's sponsors of the Army Birthday Ball.

A Season of Remembrance

 Kids with Flag A Season of Remembrance
The Season of Remembrance lasts from May through July every year to recognize and remember their sacrifice and service.

 Military Family 5 Ways to Say Thank You
Find out how to show your appreciation for all that our military personnel do.

MWR Honors Those We Have Lost

Soldiers with Flags in Cemetary Salute Army Unveils 2nd "Gold Star" PSA during Memorial Day weekend
The Army announced plans to release the second of three public service announcements developed to increase awareness of Gold Star pins.


 Army MWR Guest Blogger, Donna Memorial Day Ride
I felt very alone in needing to find a way to ensure his name would be remembered. I began to look for ways that I could help ensure that John and all of our Fallen would be remembered.


Flags line headstones in cemetary Memorial Day
Memorial Day was originally referred to as Decoration Day.


Strong B.A.N.D.S. 2014

 Strong B.A.N.D.S. Balance - Activity - Nutrition - Determination - Strength
Fitness Resources
Questions about eating healthy, energy drinks and more? Check out the articles from HPRC and download the info cards!
 Map with Push Pins
Strong B.A.N.D.S. Locations
Looking for Strong B.A.N.D.S. events at your local garrison? We've got the scoop!
 2014 Strong B.A.N.D.S. Athletes
Meet the Athletes
Meet our 2014 Strong B.A.N.D.S. athletes: SSG Charles Leverette, PFC Alex Love and PFC Julio Saunders.


The 2014 U.S. Army Soldier Show

 The 2014 U.S. Army Soldier Show
2014 U.S. Army Soldier Show
The 2014 U.S. Army Soldier Show is underway. Learn more about this high-energy show brought to you by our skilled Soldiers!
 Map with Push Pins
2014 Soldier Show Tour Schedule
Want to see the show? Check out our tour schedule to find out when the Soldier Show will be in your area!
 Spc. Polynice
Face of Defense: Despite Jitters, Singer Joins Soldier Show
Learn more about Army Spc. Aurielle Polynice's journey to join the cast of the Soldier Show!

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