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Commit – Stay Fit!

Army Soldiers, units, Families and communities – they all work better when they’re fit. That doesn’t happen by accident. It takes commitment. And you can do it!

Commit to Staying Fit this May
with the 13th Anniversary of STRONG B.A.N.D.S. 

STRONG B.A.N.D.S. – STRONG Balance, Activity, Nutrition, Determination and Strength – promotes healthy, active lifestyles for Army communities. It helps motivate Army Soldiers, Families, Retirees and Civilians to get and stay fit.

Commit today! Get stronger and faster. Eat right. Join garrison fitness and wellness opportunities. Learn more about how to improve your body, mind and total health.

Tell your friends and Family about STRONG B.A.N.D.S., and invite them to make the commitment, too!

Check out the fitness and nutrition resources we have put together from Human Performance Resources (HPRC) and the Exchange's BE FIT program on individual pages for each pillar of B.A.N.D.S that are linked on the right of the screen and get started today! 

Be sure to follow @FamilyMWR Facebook page for Tuesday Trivia contests throughout the month beginning Tuesday, April 30 for five weeks. If you answer the question of the week correctly based on the corresponding pillar of “B.A.N.D.S.” in a comment on the post, you could win one of four $50 gift cards from the Exchange.

Human Performance Resources (HPRC) by CHAMP, is a DoD initiative that provides evidence-based information that empowers members of the military community to be physically and mentally fit, fuel and hydrate properly, maintain social ties, and stay resilient—all pieces of the puzzle that make up Total Force Fitness. 



Strong B.A.N.D.S.

The Exchange offers vital wellness services such as dental, optometry and chiropractic care, as well as nutrition centers and durable medical equipment stores, right on military installations. In 2023, more than 1 million patients were served through Exchange wellness services.

Easy and convenient access to these services is part of the Exchange’s BE FIT 360, a program dedicated to furthering holistic wellness for the military community. Wellness services include optical stores, optometry clinics, dental offices, cryotherapy, chiropractic offices, nutrition centers and durable medical equipment stores (which offer braces, crutches, CPAPs with accessories, breast pumps, maternity supplies and more.)

The Exchange offers these services at locations worldwide, including:

  • 142 optical and optometry clinics
  • 82 nutrition centers
  • 38 durable medical equipment shops
  • 24 dental offices
  • 4 chiropractic clinics


Participating Garrisons 

Aberdeen Proving Ground

Army Support Activity-Black Sea

Camp Parks (PRFTA)

Camp Zama

Detroit Arsenal

Fort Belvoir

Fort Bliss

Fort Buchanan

Fort Campbell

Fort Carson

Fort Cavazos

Fort Detrick

Fort Drum

Fort Eisenhower

Fort Hunter Liggett

Fort Irwin

Fort Jackson

Fort Johnson

Fort Leavenworth

Fort Liberty

Fort McCoy

Fort Novosel

Fort Riley

Fort Sill

Fort Stewart

Fort Wainwright

Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Presidio of Monterey

USAG Ansbach

USAG Bavaria - Garmisch

USAG Bavaria -

Grafenwoehr & Vilseck

USAG Bavaria Hohenfels

USAG Brussels

USAG Hawaii

USAG Humphreys

USAG Italy

USAG Poland

USAG Rheinland-Pfalz

USAG Stuttgart

USAG Wiesbaden

West Point

White Sands Missile Range

Yuma Proving Ground

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BE FIT Link for source and additional information:

Learn more at the Exchange’s BE FIT hub page.

BE FIT Link for source and additional information:

Learn more at the Exchange’s BE FIT hub page.

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