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Guest Blogger, Jessica T.

Family-Friendly Holiday Vacation

Being away from family, traditional holiday reunions, and festivities can often make an overseas duty station seem lonely. Thankfully, there are almost always options for making getaways more enjoyable and fun for your family... Continue Reading

Guest Blogger, Rachel

Soldier Show
When I first heard about the Soldier Show, I had lots of questions. You mean Soldiers sing and dance for audiences full of other Soldiers? And they produce it all themselves?... Continue Reading


Guest Blogger, Stephanie

My Greatest Memory of My Brother - Run to Honor at the 2015 Army Ten-Miler

Of all the memories I have of my brother, the one that truly speaks to the heart of who we are, is the Turkey Trot 4-Miler at McAllister Park in San Antonio, Texas. My brother and I were raised... Continue Reading


Guest Blogger, Barbara

Learning the Keys to Money Management Through ACS
Many Soldiers and Family members associate Army Community Service (ACS) exclusively with Army Emergency Relief (AER) loans. And yes, this is a big portion of their work and what brings most people into an ACS office for the first time. I was... Continue Reading


Guest Blogger, 1LT Blount

Solider Family Assistance Center: A Place of Healing, Hope and Hot Coffee
Through the highs and lows of healing, there are times when being away from home, and the feeling of never really belonging, is heart wrenching. Luckily for me... Continue Reading


Guest Blogger, Marie

From Vounteer to a Successful Career
Volunteering at Army Community Service was where it all started for me. I would not be where I am today without...
Continue Reading

Guest Blogger, Mary

How my Experience Helps Others
Can you imagine being a brand new spouse, from another country and having to learn how to adapt, not only to America, but also to the life of a military wife?  Continue Reading

Guest Blogger, Becki

Explore Your Creativity with MWR Arts and Crafts
I love all four of our grown children dearly, but when they were younger and I was a stay-at-home mom, there were times when summer seemed very long. Keeping those three girls and their little brother entertained and getting along could be challenging. Thank goodness for... Continue Reading

Guest Blogger, Rachel

Tips for your military Family Walt Disney vacation
Military Families don’t always get the same time together as our civilian counterparts. We have to make experiences like this really count. Before you don those mouse ears for your Walt Disney vacation, check out ... Continue Reading

Guest Blogger, Rachel

Seven Summer Travel Tips
Summer is in full swing, and if you’re heading out on vacation, be sure to check for military discounts first. You’ll find some great military deals out there – if ... Continue Reading

Guest Blogger, 1LT Bland

Soldier for Life: Freestyling My Way to Success

My parents got divorced when I was very young, and it was difficult for me. My older brother became my role model and I looked up to him..... Continue Reading

Guest Blogger, Rachel

Permanent Change of Station = Pretty Cool Stuff for kids 
For military Families, summer vacation often comes with a move. When school is out, Permanent Change of Station (PCS) season is here. Moving might be part of military life, but grown-ups understand that better than kids can... Continue Reading

Guest Blogger, Becki

Life's Too Short

I can remember, just like it was yesterday, the year was 2013 and I was hard at work at a job that I enjoyed. I received the news that my aunt discovered that she had terminal cancer.... Continue Reading

Guest Blogger, Melissa

A Gold Star Wife's Perspective

Memorial Day is not just a day of sorrow but also a day of remembrance. It is a day to remember our fallen hero's that passed away while serving in our military... Continue Reading

Guest Blogger, Kramer

A Letter to My Father on Memorial Day

When I remember my brother, I remember the huge impact that he has had on my life. His efforts did not end the war in Afghanistan... Continue Reading

Guest Blogger, Angel

All Gave Some and Some Gave All

My name is Angel, I am a veteran of the United States Army, and this is my survivor story.... Continue Reading

Guest Blogger, Glenda

The Difference Between Memorial Day and Veterans Day

Memorial Day is to honor the memory of Service Members who sacrificed their own life, defending and protecting the life of others during their service... Continue Reading

Guest Blogger, Sheila

What I Want Americans to Know About and Do on Memorial and Veterans Day

Growing up in a small town in Indiana, I really didn't know much about what Memorial Day truly meant. I remember going to the cemetery, but no one really explained it to me.... Continue Reading

Guest Blogger, Esther

A Gold Star Mother's Perspective
Douglas MacArthur said, "The soldier, above all other people, prays for peace, for he must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war." Continue Reading

Guest Blogger, Sharrell

The Day My LIfe Changed Forever

Six o'clock the alarm goes off and I begin to round up the kids to get ready for school. It is a Friday so everyone is more than willing to hop out of bed and into the shower... Continue Reading

Guest Blogger, Rachel

Military Appreciation Month: 
Military Appreciation Month honors current and former members of the Armed Forces. For those of us who are attached to the military, we already appreciate plenty of what the Armed Forces do.... Continue Reading

Guest Blogger, Cheryl

Bouncing Back By Helping Others:

On September 22, 2007, I went from being an Army wife to a Gold Star Wife. After a knock on the door, early Saturday morning and a well known speech “On Behalf of a grateful nation……” my life changed forever. Continue Reading

Guest Blogger, Kat

Trust Your Journey:
“Wherever life takes you- trust your journey.” My grandmother used to tell me this when I was a little girl. So when Mark had told me this on our first date, I knew we were destined to be together. Continue Reading

Guest Blogger, Jennifer

Army Wife, Gold Star Wife - Why I Wear My Pin:
When I married my husband in May of 2000, I joined the ranks of being an Army wife and a proud one at that. Maybe I was a little naïve, but I wasn’t scared of any of the downfalls to being married to someone in the military. I thought the worst that could happen was getting a horrible duty assignment. Even when 9/11 struck five months later, I trusted that nothing bad would happen. Not to us. Little did I know… Continue Reading

Guest Blogger, Rachel

Operation Disney Vacation: 
Your Walt Disney vacation is a big deal. You’ve saved up, have leave all mapped out, the kids are just the right age, and you’re ready for the pixie dust. I’ve been right where you are and know some tips to help military Families start the Disney magic....Continue Reading

Guest Blogger, Bridgette

We Have Orders:
Life was amazing! My husband was finally home from a 15-month deployment and we received permanent change of station (PCS) orders to relocate from Fort Hood, Texas to Fort Lee, Virginia. Life finally seemed normal...
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Army MWR Guest Blogger - Candy

Ask a Gold Star Mother:
You can ask me about my son – I never tire of telling his story. It warms my heart to relive the little boy I loved and watched grow into a caring and thoughtful man. A man, who loved all of us so much that he was willing to sacrifice his own life so that we can live in a free country... Continue Reading

Army MWR Guest Blogger - Mysty

Survivor Outreach Services:
I have been a Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) Support Coordinator for the State of Iowa since January of 2010. I am honored to work in this program and to be a part of the vast changes being made for our Survivors nationwide. Another title I hold, that I would give anything to not have, is a Gold Star Mother... Continue Reading

Army MWR Guest Blogger - Renee

What Does the Gold Star Mean to Me?:
When I think of gold, I think of purity, solid, richness. I also think of gold when I think of my son Sgt. Bernard Sembly, who gave his life for this country so that we may be able to maintain the liberties we have here today.... Continue Reading

Army MWR Guest Blogger - SSG Mayberry

The "Out of Army" Experience: 
Being in the U.S. Army is one of the most challenging, exciting and rewarding careers that a person can be part of. From the day you attend Basic Training your life is guided and given clear direction about major life situations, such as where will I live, what will I do and how much will I make?  Read more about SSG Mayberry's move from the Army to civilian work force.

A Fish-Lover's Heaven:
Have you ever loved something so much, that when you close your eyes, you envision its taste, its smells and the idea of just being around it makes you happy? Continue Reading

Army MWR Guest Blogger - Donna

Memorial Day Ride: 
For anyone who thinks this is just a six day ‘joyride’ on a motorcycle, it is not. The ‘Run to the Wall’ is a mission.  
Read more about Donna's Memorial Day ride.

Army MWR Guest Blogger - Tracey

Military Spouse Appreciation: Being a military spouse means you are your soldier’s backbone. You support them in everything their job entails. You are the one to stop everything, leave your life and loved ones behind, and pack up your family to move across the world to be with your spouse. 
Read more

All Army Softball- SFC Michael Dochwat:  Veteran Soldier-Athlete SFC Dochwat shares his experience, motivations and keys to success from nearly 20 years with Military sports. 
Continue reading

Hong Kong 101- Foodie Adventures:  If you recently read my plug to go visit Hong Kong, then by now you will realize that I am slightly biased towards my hometown and just had to share one of my highlights to the trip... The food!...
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Seeking Spicy in Seoul: A friend of mine from Hong Kong came to visit for a few days and I just had to find a dakgalbi restaurant. When I first arrived at Camp Humphreys, my husband and I spotted and tried one in AK Plaza, but weren’t so impressed by the flavors. So I began my research...
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Army MWR Guest Blogger - Kim

2012 Army Photo of the Year: It was a hot October day in 2012 when I visited The Veterans Memorial at Memorial Park in Cupertino, California. I wandered the paths slowly, reading brick after brick, inscription after inscription embedded in the shiny granite of the many who are honored there...  
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Rob Shaw Photography Image

Army Photography Contest Winner: The 2012 Army Digital Photography Contest Winner Rob Shaw on photography, the Army and following your passion...
Continue reading

Army MWR Guest Blogger - Tracey

How Well Do You Know Halloween?:
Every year on October 31st millions of Americans celebrate Halloween, many since they were a child. But how well do you know this holiday?
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Image of guest blogger Melissa

Operation Rising Star Alumni blog: Military Spouse and Former Soldier, Melissa describes her experience as the Season 6 winner of Operation Rising Star...
Continue reading

About my viral blog: And that's been amazing to me. So many of us are so caught up in the day-to-day stresses of life and work and school and lose sight of actually enjoying the amazing little person that looks up to us...
Continue reading

Army MWR Guest Blogger - Alicia

Summer PCS: 
While moving to a new duty station can be exciting, it may come with feelings of anxiety based on the fear of the unknown. Your local Army Community Service Relocation Office can provide free assistance in helping you obtain local information for your new duty station...
Continue reading

Army MWR Guest Blogger - Karri
Summer PCS: Once the days start getting longer and the end of the school year is just on the horizon, you inevitably see more and more moving vans along the street. It is the beginning of PCS season on bases and posts all over the country. For those who have another year or two before they have to pick up and head out somewhere new, there is a sigh of relief knowing they are staying put. But, for those who have to make their way to a new place on their military journey, PCS season means excitement, panic, anticipation, chaos, stress, fear, and lots of goodbyes followed by an equal number of hello’s... Continue reading

Army MWR Guest Blogger - Tracey

Military Family: Being a military family is like being part of a secret society -- a special language, an unusually strong common bond, and very few members. Less than 1 percent of Americans are in our  military with a little over half being married. That's a mere 880,000 of the over 323 million Americans living in our country today. Among that small community there is pride, sacrifice and strength that few outsiders will ever know...
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Army MWR Guest Blogger - Laura
All Army Softball: Every year when the weather starts to get warm, SSG Kenneth Turlington gets that itch to swing a bat and starts counting down the days until All Army softball camp. Turlington has played on the All Army Men’s Softball team every year since 2008. But being a veteran doesn’t give you an automatic spot on the team. Every year, men and women will go to camp where their skills will be tested and evaluated. Twenty-five soldiers will be selected from over 100 applications and only 15 will make it for each men’s and women’s teams... Continue reading

Army MWR Guest Blogger - Laura

Spouse Appreciation:
 There is no doubt that our nations service members should be appreciated and recognized, but we can’t forget the foundation of the home and that is the military spouses. Spouses may not be on the warfront, but they battle dealing with deployments, moving their families around and having to assimilate to new places and people. Being a military spouse is a tough task and they should be recognized just the same for the sacrifices they make to support their service member...
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Army MWR Guest Blogger - Karri
Spouse Appreciation Day:  The President has declared May 11 Spouse Appreciation Day for all military spouses. While military spouses do not have to take an oath of service, most everyone agrees they all serve and sacrifice in many of the same ways. Having a proclamation acknowledge and honor the role of the military spouse in our homes, communities, our military and our country is well deserved and much appreciated. Even though many of us do feel that sense of appreciation from our service member spouses, our children, our friends and our communities, having an official acknowledgment is important in many ways... Continue reading
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