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This summer, your family will probably be spending a lot of time outdoors participating in all of your favorite activities on your own and through Family and MWR programs. However, it's also your responsibility to be attentive to ways to protect yourself from the sun and heat. Without proper care, you could end up with a sunburn, dehydration, or even heat stroke.

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Be Smart in the Water: Swimming is probably at the top of your family's list of summer activities, but you need to be smart to protect yourselves. Always choose pools and beaches with lifeguards, ensure non-swimming family members are within arm's reach of an adult, and watch out for hazards in the water. In addition, don't forget to apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before getting in the pool so it has time to soak in.

Stay Hydrated: Maintaining hydration is key to beating the heat in any type of summer activity. When you're active in hot weather, you may need to drink as much as 8 oz every 15 minutes. Always bring water with you, whether you're heading out for a walk, going to the pool, or participating in other outdoor recreation activities, like hiking, camping, rock climbing, or boating. Visit the Outdoor Recreation website for information about the equipment checkout and instruction available this summer for many types of outdoor activities your family may enjoy.

Recognize Signs of Heat Stroke: Even with attention to hydration, you still may be at risk for heat stroke when you're outside during very hot weather. Activities like golf and fishing leave you outside for hours at a time, and in the case of fishing, you may not have any shade available. Therefore, it's critical to know how heat stroke develops so you can head indoors with the early warning signs. Some symptoms include lack of sweating despite the heat, a severe headache, dizziness, or an excessively rapid heartbeat.

Summer is full of ways to have fun outdoors as a family, and the Army wants to support you in your pursuits. Visit your local Family and MWR for more information on what specific activities and programs are available for your family!

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