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Army MWR Cares

Build resilience and improve your quality of life with Army MWR Cares, presented by SHARP (Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program).

As winter thaws and warm weather arrives, our activities might change – but you can count on support from Army MWR programs and services year-round. Check out MWR to see what’s available.


Here’s just a bit of what’s on offer:

  • Financial Readiness. Get your checkbook in order with a class or one-on-one counseling.
  • ACS Programs. Navigate the challenges of Army life, including deployments, marriage and parenting, finances, moving, and plenty more.
  • Library Online Resources. Check out an eBook, magazine, or other electronic material without even coming in.
  • BOSS. Meet other single Soldiers and have a blast while you gain valuable leadership experience and serve the Army community.
  • Intramural Sports. Put your skills to the test in a number of sports across your installation.
  • Outdoor Recreation. Experience the warmer weather hiking, biking, horseback riding, camping, boating…or enjoying other Outdoor Rec options.
  • Auto Skills. Get your car in shape for a summer road trip, no matter how experienced you are.
  • Fitness Centers. Maintain and improve fitness with classes, exercise equipment, sport courts, weights, and more.
  • Travel. Find a great place to go for your next vacation—in the area, across the US, or around the world.
  • Child and Youth Services. Provide safe, engaging activities for your children and teens with a wide range of offerings, including childcare, educational programs, sports,  social events, and other options

For more on staying ready and resilient, check out the U.S. Army Directorate of Prevention, Resilience and Readiness, especially SHARP (Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program).


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Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program


In concert with command teams, the Integrated Prevention Advisory Group and other prevention partners, the Army’s Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention program is undertaking efforts to improve the Army’s climate and culture, build cohesive teams and prevent sexual harassment and assault. In support of this effort, the Army is restructuring the SHARP program to improve professional oversight to ensure that high-quality services are delivered consistently in a compassionate, victim-focused way. These changes will strengthen the SHARP program by:

  • Establishing an oversight structure to ensure proper, consistent delivery of compassionate, victim-centered services to Soldiers, Army Civilians and Family members.
  • Hiring more personnel to better enforce program policies and to provide technical oversight.
  • Increasing the number of full-time, trained and experienced sexual assault response coordinators and victim advocates and having these professionals removed from the unit command reporting structure so that they report directly to the installation’s Lead SARC.


Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month

Every April, both military and civilian communities highlight ways to prevent sexual violence. The Army’s theme for the 2024 observance is “Change Through Unity: Empower. Protect. Prevent.” The campaign delivers the following messages:

  • We must embrace our collective strength to inspire trust and courage so that all Army community members can thrive.
  • We can eliminate sexual assault and sexual harassment by working together to build a respectful culture for all.

Embracing Our Collective Strength

All members of the Army community are tasked with contributing to a culture of trust and connectedness. Everyone is expected to build upon the positive and healthy aspects of the Army culture so the focus is on preventing and, ultimately, eradicating sexual harassment and sexual assault. We all benefit from a healthy work environment in which everyone’s rights and abilities are respected and sexual violence and harassment are not tolerated.


Research shows that this type of climate decreases sexual harassment rates, reduces retaliation against those who confront and report harassment, and results in better psychological health and workplace experiences for all. In exhibiting respectful, professional behaviors and intervening when witnessing or hearing about harmful conduct, Army community members bring honor to the Service by demonstrating their commitment to human values and to helping one another accomplish their critical missions. A healthy workplace encompasses:

  • Leaders with established core values who set the example for honorable service.
  • An inclusive environment in which all team members can voice their perspectives and opinions.
  • Supportive and engaged team members who promote open, honest and transparent communication.
  • Safe spaces where individuals at all levels can be honest about their feelings.
  • Committed team members who demonstrate enthusiasm for, and dedication to, their job.
  • A shared bond, camaraderie and collective pride among teammates.


The Power of Connectedness

Research finds that healthy professional relationships may prevent sexual assaults by reducing inappropriate workplace behavior. Positive, supportive relationships and connectedness foster trust and security, which are essential to eliminating harmful conduct among troops. To collectively build a cohesive and healthy environment, Soldiers at all levels must:

  • Consider the needs of their battle buddies, the challenges they may face and their goals.
  • Practice unit core values through individual actions, to shape and normalize a positive culture.
  • Participate in educational and training opportunities that champion positive behaviors.


Eliminating Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment

You can help by:

  • Honoring boundaries that others set.
  • Calling out inappropriate behaviors.
  • Working together as a Family, between friends or as a unit to solve conflicts and increase connectedness.
  • Keeping resources and important phone numbers close by in case someone needs support.


We all play a critical role in strengthening the command climate by engaging in behaviors that protect others and in supporting one another to achieve personal and professional success.


For more on the SHARP program, visit  


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