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Application Information for All Army Sports

To apply for an All Army Sport go to:


Active Duty, Army Reserves (USAR), Army National Guardsmen (NG) and Active Guard Reserves (AGR) are eligible to apply for the All Army Sports Program.

The following sports are currently being offered: Army Ten Miler (Men and Women); Basketball (Men and Women); Boxing (Men and Women); Bowling (Men and Women); Cross-Country (Men and Women); Golf (Men and Women); Marathon (Men and Women); Rugby 7's (Men and Women); Soccer (Men and Women); Softball (Men and Women); Taekwondo (Men and Women); Triathlon (Men and Women); Indoor Volleyball (Men and Women); and Wrestling (Men and Women).

The following sports are offered as a CISM only sport: Skiing (Men and Women), Sailing (Men and Women); Parachuting (Men and Women); Modern Pentathlon (Men and Women); Swimming/Lifesaving (Men and Women) and Judo (Men and Women). For more information regarding CISM only sports go to: www.armedforcessports.com


For athletes aspiring to compete and succeed in national and international competitions, including the Olympic Games, see this information and applications for the World Class Athlete Program (WCAP).


All Soldiers must apply through the application website:
Applicants must have graduated basic training and advanced individual training (AIT) and at an actual duty assignment. Active duty officers must have graduated their basic course and be assessed. 

You will need to know the date that you most recently took the Level 1 Anti-Terrorism Training. This training must have been taken so that it will not expire prior to the conclusion of all travel associated with the sport for which you are applying.

Renew the training at:  https://jkodirect.jten.mil if needed.

At login screen, select "Login using my CAC."
(1) Go to the "Course Catalog" tab.
(2) At the "Course Catalog" tab, enter "JS-US007-14" in the first search box.
(3) Select "Enroll."
(4) Select "Launch" to take the training (approximately 2 hours to complete).

Non-Federally Activated Reservists and National Guard Soldiers must submit the following form prior to the application deadline to be considered:


  • DA Form 1058R - Request for Active Duty (all applicants)  PDF   XDFL    Sample
  • DA Form 5960 - Authorization to Start, Stop, Change BAQ and/or VHA  PDF  XDFL
  • Copy of Current DA Form 705 Army Physical Fitness Test
  • Copy of MEDPROS showing GREEN Status

The following items must meet standards listed: 

  • Weight - Must be within weight standards at the time of the application
  • Army Physical Fitness Test (AFPT) - Last test must have been within six (6) months from All Army Trial Camp or competition dates if no Trial Camp is offered
  • Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) - Must be GREEN at the time of the application
  • Last HIV test must have been completed less than six (6) months from the Trial Camp/competition dates

Selected National Guard and Non-Activated Reservists will be required to complete the activation process on Tour of Duty (TOD) and DAMPS-A websites within a timely manner or participation will NOT be possible

DA1058-R and 5960, copies of DA 705 and MEDPROS need to be included in the application or emailed to: usarmy.jbsa.imcom-hq.mbx.army-sports@mail.mil  prior to the deadline to be considered to attend Army Trial Camp or competition.

All Soldiers must submit applications through the All Army Application website  https://apps.imcom.army.mil/apptracmain . AGR Soldiers must also provide a copy of their Federal Active Duty Title 10 orders/contract showing they will be on active duty through the training camp and/or championship. USAR, NG and AGR soldiers, if selected to participate and are not on an installation, will be assisted by the Army Sports Office for all information reference Trial Camps, championships and travel arrangements.


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