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CYS Professions


CYS plays an important role in the Army community: supporting Army Families. We do it with people like you – who serve in child care, food service, maintenance, vehicle operation, management, and many other fields.

Current CYS Employees

If you’re a current CYS employee, you know the advantages: Not only do you have a fantastic job that makes a real difference, but you also enjoy a great salary, travel and relocation opportunities, and benefits like tuition assistance.


“My favorite part of working with Army CYS is the military Family… we’re Team CYS!”
Sonja Taylor-Neroes, U.S Army Child and Youth Program Assistant (CYPA), Fort Cavazos


Want to know another big plus with a CYS job? The chance to make it an exciting career that can take a different direction when you want it to.

  • Looking for a change of scenery? We can do that!
  • Want to change your field? Let’s look into it!
  • Ready for more responsibility? Let’s talk!

Instead of a short-term gig, CYS employees have a pathway toward meaningful progress through a lifetime of service. Talk to your CYS Director today!

Click here for information on the Civilian Employment Assignment Tool (CEAT) and how to transfer your CYS career!

Come work with us

If you’re not yet part of the CYS Family, learn more about us. We offer competitive pay, flexible hours, insurance, and paid time off – as well as free access to Family & MWR facilities and other benefits. All of that, plus plenty of opportunities to broaden your horizons AND make a real difference in the Army community!

Best of all? The chance to make it a career.


“Army CYS is the perfect fit for anyone who has a passion for working with children and youth, and would like to be part of a mission that’s something bigger than themselves”
Tamara Johnson, U.S. Army CYS Coordinator, Fort Gregg-Adams


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