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Family and MWR Mentorship

Family and MWR Mentorship contributes to the personal and professional development of mentors and mentees alike! It connects them to exchange ideas and challenges, encourage each other, and expand their understanding of G9 and IMCOM.

Mentees and mentors both gain:
-     New ideas
-     Fresh perspectives on work challenges
-     A wider, more robust professional network
-     Personal and professional satisfaction

How does FMWR Mentorship work?
-     Mentors volunteer from all areas of Family and MWR: HQ, IDs, Garrisons, and AFRCs.
-     Mentees approach prospective mentors and decide on the relationship duration, goals and objectives.
-     Mentors and mentees have no reporting relationship.
-     Mentor-mentee teams check progress periodically.
-     At regular intervals, mentor-mentee teams assess the relationship and determine its future direction.

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