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Tax/Employer Identification Number on the 1099R/1042S Tax Forms for Calendar Year 2021


Dear Army NAF Pensioner:

 We were recently informed that the tax/employer identification number (TIN/EIN) (52-0228515) on the 1099R/1042S tax forms for Calendar Year 2021 is being rejected for some of those attempting to file electronically.  This issue does not impact all Army NAF pensioners as we understand that many of you were successful in filing electronically. 

The TIN/EIN on the tax forms is correct.  The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) determined that this issue was caused by an update the IRS made to their electronic filing system on February 22, 2022. That action may have triggered this error that affects electronic filing. The IRS will continue to investigate.  However, the IRS has advised that if your electronic filing is rejected you must submit a paper copy for 2021.  We regret that this unfortunate incident has occurred.  

I appreciate your understanding in this matter.   

Paul D. Burk
Director, G9

PDF of Letter