Digital Photography Contest

1st Place Winners

Division 1 

1st Place Animals

By: SFC Mark

Title: Neck Tie Affair

1st Place  All Digital Darkroom

SSG Pablo Piedra

Title: Exploring the Possibilities

1st Place Design Elements

By: CPT Blackorby

Title: Maze of Hot Air

1st Place Military Life

By: SSG Jeremy Ganz  

Title:Big Guns

1st Place Nature and Landscape

By: LCDR James Lish

Title: Okinawa Park Waterfall at Sunrise

1st Place People

By: PVT Adeline Witherspoon

Title: Water Break 

1st Place  Still Life

By: SSG Matthew Grajeda

Title: Views

1st Place

Division 2 

1st Place Animals

By: William Pully

Title: Eagle Battle 

1st Place Digital Darkroom

By Anderson Jennifer

Title: Bridge to Heaven



1st Place Design 

By: Harold Levie


1st Place Military Life

By: Michael Hemming

Title: Lined Up

1st Place Nature and Landscape

By: Kimberly Kendall

Title: Majestic Manarola

1st Place People

By: Abby Stewart

Title: Proverbs 31

1st Place Still Life

By: Michael Hemming

Title: The Plunge