Digital Photography Contest

2017 3rd Place Winning Entries

Division 1 

3rd Place Anilmals

By: CSM timothy Abrahamson

Title: Baby Leporad


3rd Place Digital Darkroom

By: CW2 Matthew Brown 

Title: Chimera

3rd Place Design

By: CW4 Jerry Irick

Title: High Light

3rd Place Military Life

By: SSG joel Redman

Title: The Wait

3rd Place Nature and Landscape

By: SPC Chan Pyo Kim

Title: Bay of Dragons

3rd Place People

By: PVT Adeline Witherspoon

Title: Ghost in the Balkans

3rd Place Still Life

By: MSG Erin Marrero

Title: Winter Morning

3rd Place

Division 2 

3rd Place Animals

By: Marcian Woodside

Title: Final Approach

3rd Place  Digital Darkroom

By: Crystal Stupar

Title: Aviators Odyssey

3rd Place Design

By: Margaret collins

Title: Beer Bubbles

3rd Place Military Life

By: Michael Hemming

Title: Blackhawk Pilots

3rd Place Nature and Landsacpe

By: Colin Kelly

Title: Hidden Waterfall

3rd Place People

By: Crystal Harris

Title: Mermaid

3rd Place Still Life

By: John Powers

Title: Lost and Lonley