Digital Photography Contest

Awarded Honorable Mention in Division 1 Active Duty Military


By: SFC Tim Keener

Title: Whoo are you looking at?

Digital Darkroom

By: SFC Eric Smart

Title: Scrubland Evening

Design Elements

By: MAJ Michelle Parlette

Title: Dizzying

Military Life

By: LTC Lan Dalat

Title: Dustoff

Natue and Landscape

By: LTC Christopher Hobgood

Title: Hope


By: CW3 Juan Jusino

Title: So I Raise My Hand in Grace

Still Life

By: LTC Christopher Browning

Title: Bavarian Masters

Awarded Honorable Mention in Division 2 Other Eligible Patrons


By: Susan Kuroda

Title: Austringer's Pride 

Digital Darkroom

By: Merry Thaden

Title: Three Wishes


Design Elements

By: Merry Thanden

Title: Feather

Military Life

By: Lisa Remnet

Title: I Got You

Nature and Landscape

By: Kimberly Kendall

Title: -20 Degrees 


By: Tori Evans

Title: Living The Dream 

Still Life

By: Michael Hemming

Title: Kiwi Glow