Availability of Transient UPH. The following personnel may occupy transient UPH:

On a Confirmed Reservation Basis. All TDY DoD personnel; PCS military personnel with or without Family members, or Family members alone, when TLFs or permanent quarters are not immediately available; Reserve and National Guard component personnel on a special tour of active duty or on active duty for training and during periods of scheduled inactive duty training at an installation; DoD-sponsored TDY foreign nationals; Family members of Service members on medical TDY orders; and guests of the Armed Forces as determined by the installation commander.

On a Space-Available Basis. Non-military uniformed personnel of the U.S. Public Health Service and National Oceanic and the Atmospheric Administration, foreign military personnel, and U.S. Coast Guard, when authorized by the installation commander; and retirees, military personnel on leave, and relatives or guests of military personnel assigned to the installation when TLFs are not available.

In the event of a declared emergency, Army regional and garrison commands may temporarily adjust Army Lodging assinment policy to meet the needs of the the spcific incident.

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