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2021 US Army Entertainment One Page Play Festival and YouthFEST '21

     The US Army Europe Entertainment One Page Play Festival and YouthFEST Talent Showcase will be presented Oct. 8-10, 2021, at KMC Onstage, Kaiserslautern, Germany.

     Presented every Columbus Day weekend, this annual festival celebrates the creativity and talents of Soldiers, Civilians and Family Members with theatre skills workshops, new play competitions, a monologue workshop, a professional Guest Show Performance, and an exciting awards ceremony. All are open and free to the public.

For more information, contact:

Dane Winters
IMCOM Europe Entertainment Program Manager
Bldg 151. Room 143. Sembach Kaserne
Kaiserslautern, Germany
DSN: (314) 44-9656
Festival Results and Awards (Presented 10 Oct. '21)

The 2021 One Page Play Festival and YouthFEST '21 Awards


Army Europe Entertainment "Hero" AwardsCovid Presentation 1st Slide.jpg

     Presented to volunteers who helped Army Europe Entertainment programs continue serving their communities during the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown.
        USAG Stuttgart, the Stuttgart Theatre Center Awardees:
       * Laurel Cooney
       * The Cast of The Hello Girls
       * The Cast of Jerry's Girls
       * The Cast of Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol
USAG Ansbach, the Terrace Playhouse Awardees:
* The Cast of Silent Sky (Alyssa Ellis, Kelsey Feeney, Mason Brown, Margi Ritscher & Lynn Daniels.)
* The Cast of Tales of Mystery and the Macabre
* The Cast of A Christmas Carol 
* The Cast of The Little Mermaid
* Anna Bakutis
* Randy Herbst
* John Hanrahan
* Brian Sowders
* Stephen Choate
USAG Italy/Vicenza, the Soldiers' Theatre Awardees:
* MAJ Brian Andries
* Marissa E. Blake 
* Alicia Mangers
USAG Rheinland Pfalz/Kaiserslautern/KMC Onstage Awardees:
* Amy Barron Smolinski
* Emma Cammack
* Mindy Kruty-Crothers
* TSgt Tiffany Hall
* The Cast of 10 Ways to Survive Life in a Quarantine

YouthFEST '21 Awards

  • YouthFEST '21 Outstanding Group Performance: The Ansbach Youth Theatre Troupe. (Troupe includes youth from USAG Bavaria and USAG Ansbach.)  Emmeline Forsberg, Jillian Forsberg, Emily Jones, Adrian Nash, Talia Pegg, Zoey Stubbs and Peris Young.
  • YouthFEST '21 Outstanding Solo Performance: Keira Hogan. KMC Onstage, Kaiserslautern.

2021 One Page Play Festival Awards

  • Outstanding Monologue: Margi Ritscher, Ansbach
  • Outstanding Achievement in Performance Awards: 
  1. Jeanne Ragonese, Sigonella Players

  2. Tom Rees, Kaiserslautern

  3. Margi Ritscher, Ansbach Terrace Playhouse

  • Outstanding Theatrical Moment:  Lane Fox for the reveal in "Revealing." KMC Onstage
  • Outstanding Achievement in Creativity:  Marissa E. Blake for multiple performance and directing roles. Vicenza's Soldiers' Theatre.
  • Outstanding Achievement in Youth Performance:  Simon Bingham. Stuttgart Theatre Center.
  • Outstanding Achievement in Direction:  Arden O'Neill and Audrey Phillips. KMC Onstage. "Soccer Moms."
  • Outstanding Achievement in Youth Writing: Arden O'Neill and Audrey Phillips. KMC Onstage. "Soccer Moms."
  • Audience Choice Award Outstanding One Page Play: "Ping" by Brett Harwood. SHAPE Players Performing Arts Center
  • Judges' Choice Award Outstanding One Page Play:
First Place: "Ping" by Brett Harwood. SHAPE Players Performing Arts Center
Second Place: "Billy" by Tom Rees, Kaiserslautern
Third Place: "A Good Day" by Jeanne Ragonese, Sigonella Players

One Page Plays written at the Festival

1.      A Good Day written by Jeanne Ragonnese . Featuring Sylvia Rausch, Arden O’Neill, Aubrey Rahe. 

2.      Standard Of Care written and directed by Lane Fox. Featuring Camryn Rahe, Simon Bingham and Erin Markus. 

3.      Will You Drive the Bodies? Adapted by Margi Ritscher and Katherine Willis , Featuring Margi Ritscher. Directed by Katherine Willis. 

4.      Soccer Moms by Arden O’Neill and Audrey Phillips with Marissa Blake, Sylvia Rausch, Alicia Mangers, Aubrey Rahe, TJ and Eve Jackson. Directed by Arden O’Neill and Audrey Phillips.

5.      Place by Amy Ennis. Directed by Marissa Blake featuring Kamrin Markus, Arden O’Neill, Eve Jackson and Margi Ritscher.​​​​​​​ 

6.      Ping by Brett Harwood featuring Tom Rees, Marissa Blake, Julie Phillips and Alicia Mangers.

7.      Identical Ideas by Camryn Rahe, featuring Marissa Blake and Eve Jackson, directed by Camryn Rahe.

8.      Billy  written and performed by Tom Rees.

9.      The Show Must Go On by Katherine Willis, featuring Marissa Blake, directed by Katherine Willis.

10.  Revealing by  Amy Ennis, featuring Lane Fox and Alicia Mangers, directed by Brett Harwood.

11.  Dragatha Christie adapted and performed by Simon Bingham, directed by Lane Fox

12.  Blue Moon adapted  and performed by Jeanne Ragonese.​​​​​​

Festival events and schedule
(All events, locations and times are subject to change.)

Friday. Oct. 8:

6:00 pm: Monologue Competition sign-up begins in theater lobby
     Sign-up begins for the annual Entertainment Monologue Competition in the KMC Onstage Lobby.
        Coaching sessions with guest artist, Andrea Huber, will be held throughout the day on Saturday at reserved times.
      Seven monologues will be selected for a “Monologue-off” on Sunday afternoon and trophies awarded for the top three. Must be present to sign up. Open to ages 13 years and up.
      * Monologue Competition entry Forms will be available at the venue and are also available for advanced completion in the link below following the schedule.
7:00 pm: "Pull out the Stops!"  Performance & Audition Workshop (Stage)
      Regardless of your experience, this is your chance to work with professionals and get the low down on doing your best.
       Andrea Huber is an internationally renowned singer, actress and director. Paul Bourne has cast and directed around the globe from Broadway to London to Moscow. 
       Bring in a prepared monologue (memorized with three copies) or song (memorized with sheet music) and let these pros show you how to sell it, tell your story, hit your mark, get cast and nail that role.
       Six to ten actors will be able to work one on one with Andrea and Paul. Space is limited but auditing the workshop is highly recommended as much can be learned by watching this intense work. Open to 13 + years.
       * Workshop application forms will be available at the venue and are also available for advanced completion at the link below following the schedule.


Saturday, Oct. 9:

9:00-10:00 am: YouthFEST '21 Technical Rehearsals (Stage)
Technical Director: Vic Phillipson. Pre-assigned tech times for YouthFEST Talent Showcase entries.        
9:00-1030 am: "Tell Your Story!" Acting Workshop (7-18 yrs.) (KMC Dressing Room)
Presenter: Amy Barron Smolinski.
       This excellent workshop will give youth the basics of acting and take out the mystery of being on stage.   
9:00-1030 am: "Someone in the Crowd" Musical Theatre Dance Workshop (7-18 yrs.) (KCAC, Dehner)
Presenter: Marissa Blake.

       This workshop presents an introduction to dance for musical theatre. Teaches you how to move even if not a dancer.              

9:00-1030 am: Monologue Coaching Session #1 (KCAC, Dehner)    
Presenter: Andrea Huber.
        Pre-assigned sign-up times for monologue entrants.
9:30-12:30 pm: One Page Play Writing Workshop (KCAC, Dehner)    
(See guidelines and instructions below)
Presenter: Paul Bourne.
       This is the first step in creating One Page Plays. No previous experience required. Open to interested writers and directors, ages 13 yrs. and up.       
10:45-12:00 pm: "Take the Stage!" Audition Workshop (7-18 yrs.) (Dressing Room)    
Presenter: Amy Barron Smolinski.
       Learn how to audition well and get the roles you want! Excellent preparation for young performers.
10:45-12:00 pm: "Blinding Lights" - Jazz Dance Workshop (7-18 yrs.) (KCAC, Dehner)    
Presenter: Marissa Blake.

        A youth workshop introduction to jazz dance for the stage - whether you are a dancer or not.

11:00-12:00 am: Monologue Coaching Session #2 (KCAC, Dehner)    
Presenter: Andrea Huber.
       Pre-assigned sign-up times for monologue entrants.
12:00-1:00 pm: Lunch Break
1:00-5:00 pm: Casting/Directing One Page Plays Workshop (KCAC, Dehner)    
(See guidelines and instructions below)
Presenter: Paul Bourne.
       The writers have done their magic! It is the time to put the One Page Plays together. Directors & Stage Managers will be selected and an open casting call will add the actors. Rehearsals are next. Ages 7 yrs. and up. No previous experience required.
1:30-3:00 pm: Monologue Coaching Session #3 (KCAC, Dehner)    
Presenter: Andrea Huber.
       Pre-assigned sign-up times for monologue entrants.
5:00-6:30 pm: Dinner Break
6:30-7:00 pm: Volunteer Recognition Ceremony (Stage)

       Volunteers are the backbone of Army Europe Entertainment. During the COVID 19 lockdown, volunteers helped Entertainment staff continue serving their garrison communities with online classes, programming, play readings, and other events. This is Army Entertainment’s chance to say thank you to those talented and generous volunteers.  

7:00-10:00 pm: YouthFEST '21 Talent Showcase (Stage)
(See guidelines, application and instructions below)

       Join us as we celebrate the talented youth in our Europe military communities in this exciting, surprise-filled cavalcade of talent. Outstanding achievement awards will be awarded at Sunday’s festival award ceremony. Let’s hear it for the kids! Open to 7 years and up. 


Sunday, Oct. 10:

9:00- 11:30 am: Guest Show Technical Rehearsal (Stage)
9:00-12:00 pm: One Page Play Rehearsals and Technical Rehearsals (Locations TBA) 
11:30-12:00 pm: Monologue Competition Rehearsal (Stage)

All selected actors will meet with Andrea Huber in the theater.

12:00-12:30 pm: Monologue Competition (Stage)
     Come see the finest US Army Entertainment actors show off their acting chops in the battle of comedy and drama.          
12:30-2:00 pm: One Page Play Rehearsals (Locations TBA) 
2:30-5:00 pm: One Page Play Presentations (Stage)
     It is time to unveil 12 brand-new, never-before-seen, One Page Plays. This is always an exciting, fun and fascinating event.​​​​​​​
6:00-7:00 pm: "I, AmDram" by Hannah Maxwell. Guest showcase presentation. (Stage)

      Community Theatre (or “Amateur Dramatics” in Britain) is the hidden history of many an actor. Hannah Maxwell and her family were part of a small amateur theatre for over 90 years. She left that community stage and world behind to become a professional performance artist. Four generations of community theatre “leading ladies” leads to Hannah - a queer  Londoner, sharing a story of return and reconciliation – with her hometown, cultural inheritance and a secret love of musical theatre.  (12+ yrs.)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

7:15-8:00 pm: Festival Awards Ceremony and Presentation (Stage) 
       Time to honor the outstanding achievements of the festival! Outstanding achievement recognitions for One Page Plays, Monologue and YouthFEST '21!
Festival location, maps & directions
KMC Onstage
Kleber Kaserne
Building 3232
67657 Kaiserslautern

KMC Onstage Photo.jpg





Google Map

Participating Theatres

The Amelia Earhart Playhouse. USAG Wiesbaden, Germany.

The SHAPE Performing Arts Center. USAG Benelux, Belgium.        

KMC Onstage. USAG Rheinland Pfalz/Kaiserslautern, Germany.        

The Stuttgart Theater Center. USAG Stuttgart, Germany.       

The Grafenwoehr Performing Arts CenterUSAG Bavaria/Grafenwoehr, Germany.

The Ansbach Terrace Playhouse. USAG Ansbach, Germany.

The Soldiers' Theatre. USAG Italy/Vicenza, Italy.

Guest Performance - "I, AmDram"
Special Professional Guest Show Production
I, AmDram by Hannah Maxwell. 
Sunday, Oct. 10, 1730-1830 hrs.
FREE and Open to the Public

    Community theatre (or “Amateur Dramatics” in Britain) is the hidden history of many an actor or performance artist.

    Hannah Maxwell and her family were part of a small amateur theatre for over 90 years. She left that community stage and world behind to become a professional performance artist.

    Four generations of community theatre “leading ladies” leads to Hannah - a queer Londoner - sharing a story of return and reconciliation with her hometown, cultural inheritance and a secret love of musical theatre.

    Step-ball-changing between a small town stage and London,  “I, AmDram” minds the gap between the identities we assert and the worlds we leave.

    Hannah’s unique story has charmed audiences across the UK and Australia, including at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 and Adelaide Fringe 2020.

  • This production is recommended for 12 years of age and up.
  • Reservations are not required and seats are limited.
  • Read more about the production at The Guardian and CP Theatre.Co.  
  •  Reviews:

    "This is an honest, compassionate and often very funny look at how to break free from your roots, while still celebrating what they've given you." **** The Scotsman.

     "Hannah forded every stream and followed every rainbow to get "I, AmDram" right. The show is beautifully judged and perfectly balanced."  Brian Logan

     "Imaginative, good-natured and thoughtful. A rare and instant likeability....startlingly witty." A Younger Theatre.

Adjudicators & Workshop Leaders

Paul Bourne.pngPaul Bourne is the Artistic Director of the Menagerie Theatre Company, Cambridge, England. He is also the artistic director of the international Hotbed Festival of New Writing and a former Artistic Director of Center Stage, New York. Paul is a Fellow at The University of Cambridge and a faculty member at Skolkovo University in Moscow. His international directing career has spanned across Europe and he has directed over seventy professional productions in ten different countries. His work has ranged from productions on the Fringe to major international productions in St. Petersburg and London's West End. Highlights include the world premiere of Tennessee Williams’ Guignol in New York and the world touring production of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged (out of Washington DC). Paul was a Judge at the very first US Army One Act Play Festival in 1995. He has been involved in Army Entertainment for many years running master classes, directing and supporting programs in Europe and The US. Paul is the creator of the US Army/IMCOM Europe Entertainment performance workshop, “It’s No Joke! Act Against Bullying.” This workshop addresses the issues of bullying among youth and is being presented by Entertainment Branches in cooperation with US Army CYSS at all US Army Garrisons in Germany and Italy.

Andrea Huber Pic.JPGAndrea Huber is an internationally renowned performer and director. She is a graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University and an Irene Ryan National Acting Award Winner. As an opera singer and musical theatre performer, she has performed at the Krefeld-Mönchengladbach Opera House, the Graz Opera House, the Prague State Opera and many other major opera venues in Europe. She has also performed in South Africa, Norway, Greece and the US. She performed in Kiss of the Spiderwoman in Baden bei Wien, Austria, where she is currently appearing in the musical, Nine.  She presented her one-woman Kurt Weill show in Graz, Austria in March 2020. Andrea directed a highly successful production of The Marriage of Figaro for the Boston Opera Collaborative in Feb. 2020. She also directed Oliver! and Sweeney Todd at the former Roadside Theater in Heidelberg, where she also performed her one-woman cabaret shows to rave reviews. Andrea was an adjudicator and workshop leader for the 2015 and 2019 US Army One Page Play Festival and the 2020 TOPPERs.

Vic Headshot.JPGVic Phillipson has worked for Army Entertainment for 31 years.  He was an Entertainment Director in Giessen from 1992 until 1995, and then in Heidelberg from 1995 until 2000.  Since moving to Norway in 2000, he has worked as a technical consultant for the program. He has served as the Technical Director and Stage Manager for the annual IMCOM Europe One Act/One Page Play Festivals and the Tournament of Plays (TOPPERs) Awards Show and Ceremony for over 22 years. When not consulting for Army Entertainment, Vic produces plays and musicals in Norway and works as a Port Agent for European Cruise Service at points of call for cruise ships all along the southern coast of Norway.

Kathy Pingel.pngKathy Pingel - Until her retirement in 2015, Kathy was the Director of Education and Youth Programming at the Des Moines Community Playhouse for ten years. She also served as Artistic Director of the Kate Goldman Children's Theatre. She holds a BA in theatre from Eastern Michigan University, a MA from Northwestern University in Performance Studies and an MAT from Northwestern. Kathy has adjudicated at the state and regional, national and international festivals for the American Association of Community Theatre. In 2017, she was named an AACT Fellow and in 2019 was given the prestigious Art Cole Lifetime Achievement Award. Since leaving the Des Moines Playhouse, Kathy has directed and taught in Kentucky, Oregon, Michigan, Iowa, Florida, Oklahoma and Ansbach, Germany. Kathy’s newest role is Dramaturge for AACT’s NewPlayFest.  

Ron Ziegler.pngRon Ziegler resides in North Port, Florida and is a freelance director and teacher. He recently retired from his position as Festivals Coordinator for the American Association of Community Theatre. Ron served on staff at the Des Moines (IA) Playhouse as Associate Director where he was the first Artistic/Managing Director for the Kate Goldman Children's Theatre.  While in Des Moines, he founded and managed the Iowa Fringe Festival. He is a past President of the American Association of Community Theatre, was named an AACT Fellow, and has adjudicated state and regional theatre festivals across the US and many times for US Army Entertainment. Ron and his spouse Kathy Pingel were awarded the 2015-16 Cloris Leachman Award for Outstanding Direction for their co-direction of Des Moines Young Artists Theatre's production of The Hobbit, and co-directed Peter and the Starcatcher and Girls' Weekend for Ansbach Terrace Playhouse.

Amy Smolinkski headshot edit.jpgAmy Barron Smolinski is an award-winning actress, director, and voice artist who has recorded over 100 audiobooks on  She has been involved in community and professional theatre since childhood, and she has been teaching theatre for all ages since 1996.  At KMC Onstage, she has directed Greater Tuna, The Woman in Black, The Lost Language of Wifflesplatch and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Amy also teaches Beginning and Advanced Directing Workshops.  She has appeared onstage in Noises Off, Love Letters, Mary Poppins, The Guys, Young Frankenstein, and Five Women Wearing the Same Dress.  She is the mother of four boys and the wife of an Army Reservist stationed in Germany. 

Marissa Profile Photo 01.jpgMarissa Blake runs the dance program at the Soldiers' Theatre on Caserma Ederle (Vicenza, Italy) and was one of the choreographers for their 2020 musical, The Addams Family. She studied dance and piano since the age of 5, was dance captain for two of her alma maters, taught studio and competitive dance for over 5 years, holds a BFA in Interior Design, graduated from Boston University in May 2021 with her MS in Project Management, and owns her own design company that specializes in Graphic and Interior Design; All's Well That Ends Well Designs. One of her favorite dance moments was the weekend she spent dancing with Twitch and Allison Holker (Boss) from So You Think You Can Dance. Marissa believes that one of the best ways to express feelings is through movement.

One Page Play Festival Guidelines & Instructions
      The One Page Play Workshop is open to ANYONE who interested. No previous experience is necessary. The workshop, rehearsals and performances are open to the public and are free. All that is required is your imagination and time.
      On Saturday morning, all those interested in writing a one page play, meet to brainstorm ideas and begin writing. In the past, 18-20 new One Page Plays were written.
       One Saturday afternoon, anyone interested in directing, acting or being on stage crew are selected to work on twelve new one page plays.
      The plays are rehearsed on Sunday morning and presented to a full audience on Sunday afternoon.
       This is truly and exciting and creative process. It also allows entertainment volunteers to work with volunteers and staff from other Army Europe Entertainment programs.
     NOTE: One Page Plays can be written in advance or will be developed during the Festival weekend.      
     During the one page play writing workshop, led by Paul Bourne, participants are presented with a theme or title. The one page plays are written in response to that theme or title. For instance, "Change is in the Air" is the theme and all plays respond to or are built around that idea.
     Participants develop a plot situation; choose a style (Naturalistic, Classical, Surreal, Epic, Minimalist, etc.); add in characters, situation, plot, conflict, sub-plot, surprises, laughter, tears and resolution … and all that lies in between!

     How about you try and fit it all onto a single page of paper? Create something that is more than a just a sketch – a mini play - that entertains, challenges and inspires… 

    Any genre, any subject matter (following usual standards of decency), any number of characters – let your imagination fly…just try and respond to one of the two themed titles.

     The first and most important step of the workshop is for writers, but we also need directors and actors to bring it all to life.

  • Writers: what do YOU want to write about? Fire up your imagination and make it happen – all on one page. (Age: 13 years and up)
  • Actors don’t have to learn scripts but will get very familiar through the weekend rehearsal process so that on Sunday afternoon they can help bring the scripts to life. (Age: 10 years and up)
  • Directors – we will need you to help bring this work to life working alongside writers and the acting Ensemble – what you do to create an inspiring production. (Age: 13 years and up)
  • Twelve plays will be selected for performance

  • The script must fit printed onto one standard page (font min 11 point)

  • Scripts should endeavor to be a play rather than ‘just a sketch’

  • Scripts can be any genre – including use of music or singing as required (but cannot just be a song!)

  • Scripts can be any number of performers (from 1 – 12 )

  • Scripts can feature narration if required - but ‘action’ should be primary in the production.

Bring your pre-written scripts to K-Town OR write a script during a workshop over the weekend (Saturday morning). 

Twelve plays will be selected to be performed. 

The twelve plays will be allocated amongst a directing and acting ensemble (Saturday afternoon) and rehearsed (Sunday). 

The ‘best play script’ will be voted for by the audience. Other awards will be given by adjudicators (acting and directing awards).

YouthFEST '21 Talent Showcase

   Youth Graphic for Web page.JPG

    This year, the Army Entertainment YouthFEST will feature talented youth from across Europe in an exciting Talent Showcase on Saturday night, Oct. 9 at KMC Onstage.

   Youth (7 to 18 years of age) can show off their talents in group or solo numbers as singers, actors, dancers, musicians, acrobats, magicians or any other category. 

    Those interested should contact their local or nearest Army Entertainment program to enter. The Entertainment staff will help performers prepare for the talent showcase. YouthFEST Entry forms are available from Entertainment or Theatre Staff or in the link below.

2021 YouthFEST Talent Showcase Entries:

  • Kamrin Markus. KMC Onstage, Kaiserslautern.
  • Sophia Duggan and Ida Ellison. The Stuttgart Theatre Center.
  • Sophie Ellison. The Stuttgart Theatre Center.
  • Audrey Phillips, Camryn Rahe and Isobel Harre. KMC Onstage, Kaiserslautern.
  • Eve Jackson. The Soldiers' Theatre, Vicenza, Italy
  • Keira Hogan. KMC Onstage, Kaiserslautern. (Outstanding Solo Performance Award)
  • The Ansbach Youth Theatre Troupe: Emmeline Forsberg, Jillian Forsberg, Emily Jones, Adrian Nash, Talia Pegg, Zoey Stubbs and Peris Young. (Outstanding Group Performance Award)
Festival Program and Posters
Festival live feed, official photos, publicity and social media pages