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Transitional Compensation (TC) Program for Abused Dependents

The Transitional Compensation (TC) Program is a congressionally mandated program designed to provide temporary support, services and benefits for Family members who have experienced reported spouse or child abuse. Transitional Compensation is authorized per Army Regulation 608-1 for dependents of Soldiers who have been on active duty for more than 30 days and who, after November 1993 are—

(1) Separated from active duty under a court-martial sentence that convicted the Soldier of a dependent-abuse offense;

(2) Administratively separated from active duty if the basis for separation includes a dependent-abuse offense; or

(3) Sentenced to forfeiture of all pay and allowances by a court-martial which convicted the Soldier of a dependent-abuse offense.

The TC Program encourages victims to report abuse without fearing the loss of the sponsor’s financial and other support (such as medical care coverage) when a Soldier is separated for a Family member-related abuse offense.

A dependent victim of abuse or a legal representative of a dependent victim child can request entry into the TC Program by applying for it at the installation where the Soldier was assigned when the identified offense(s) occurred. The TC Program is designed to help victims as they transition to safe environments, free of abuse and maltreatment. The program introduces tools and resources to equip, empower and assist victims to become survivors.

There are two types of TC applications: Traditional and Exceptional Eligibility. An application is considered Traditional when the dependent abuse offense is specifically cited as a reason for the Soldier’s separation. An application is considered an Exceptional Eligibility (EE) request for approval when the Soldier separates for reasons other than dependent abuse, but there is documented evidence that dependent abuse occurred. For more information regarding the TC Program, please contact your installation Army Community Service Center, Family Advocacy Program Victim Advocate Office or the Staff Judge Advocate, Victim Witness Liaison Office.

For additional information or how to apply for Transitional Compensation benefits and services, please contact the Army Community Service (ACS) Center, Family Advocacy Program (FAP) Victim Advocate Office or the Staff Judge Advocate (SJA), Victim Witness Liaison (VWL) office at your nearest installation.