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NAF Retirement

How does the plan work?

Your cost to participate in the Retirement Plan is 2% of your salary, which is deducted from your pay each pay period. Additionally, your employer contributes 7.6% of your salary to fund your retirement. Your contributions and your employer's contributions are deposited into the Army NAF Retirement Trust. Those funds are invested by the Trust and used to pay your retirement benefits when you retire.

When can I sign up?

Participation begins on your hire date. If you were an eligible NAF employee prior to 1 January 2001, your participation begins on the date you signed your Enrollment Form, DA Form 3473. Your NAF Employee Retirement Plan is an important and valuable benefit provided by your employer. It is an integral part of your retirement planning, along with Social Security and your 401(k) Savings Plan.

It is a valuable asset to help you achieve financial security in retirement.

Should you need additional information visit your servicing Human Resources Office or call the NAF Employee Benefits Office.

Think Ahead. Plan Now. It's Your Future.

These are features of the Army NAF Retirement Plan:

  • Effective 1 Jan 01, participation mandatory for new hires, re-hires and newly eligibles for the first 6 months of eligibility
  • Costs you 2% of Gross Wages
  • 5 years participation > You will receive monthly benefit at retirement for life
  • Your contributions are returned within 1-3 years of receiving a monthly benefit, thereafter your benefit is paid from the retirement trust fund. In the event of your death, your spouse is eligible to receive a monthly lifetime benefit if elected at retirement.
  • May purchase up to 5 years of military service (provided the military service is not already providing you a retirement benefit, or you have not used the military service in another company's retirement plan) - Military Service Purchase Program
  • Credit for service of non-redeposit of retirement plan refunds

Retirement Plan Information Material:

Retirement Booklet
Retirement Plan Documents
1st Amendment to Retirement Plan

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